7 Alternative Methods of Drug Treatment

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When it comes to drug treatment, many different options and treatment programs are available nowadays – each with their own varying methods and success rates. Holistic treatments are among the healthiest and most effective methods to reduce drug dependency, according to many modern studies. These treatments focus on mind and body to treat chemical dependencies, rather than flooding the addicts with harmful and potentially addictive prescription drugs. The following is a list of the most popular types of holistic drug treatments.

Nutrition Based Therapy

Many drug addicts and alcoholics have a very poor diet, which creates massive vitamin deficiencies in their bodies. This is due in part to the addicts being consumed by their drug habits and not focusing at all on the foods they put into their bodies. By focusing heavily on the patient’s nutritional health during rehab, you can improve the patients’ health substantially.

The increased nutritional intake helps curb some of the common side effects associated with drug withdrawal such as nausea and lethargy. Many nutrition-based therapies also use a healthy dose of supplements to eliminate deficiencies in the addict’s body. The reason that potent supplements are needed is because the addict is usually very malnourished. Usually, a doctor will be able to prescribe various multivitamins and individual supplements to speed up the recovery process.

Meditation and Regular Exercising


Most of the time, the mind of an addict is overrun with thoughts of stress and worry about different situations they have been involved in. The presence of overwhelming amounts of stress can be just as bad for a patient’s health as the drug addiction itself. Cardiovascular disease, high blood pressure, and anxiety are just a few of the major side effects of too much stress.

The implementation of relaxing types of meditation can do wonders for a recovering addict’s state of mind. Generally, after an addict begins to get off of the drugs, they still have major lifestyle hurdles to overcome in order to stay sober. By using Yoga to focus, they can overcome these hurdles with a clear mind and often times with far less stress. These types of exercise and meditation regimens are designed to get the addict’s mind of off the craving for drugs and on to healthier things.

Ibogaine Treatment for Withdrawal

For years, heroin and opioid addicts have travelled to Ibogaine treatment centers in Mexico to help them kick their habit. Not only can this drug be used to treat heroin and opiate addiction, it can help an addict avoid the horrible withdrawal common symptoms when trying to rid the body of these substances.

The only way a person will find success with this type of treatment is by working with holistic addiction specialists. There are some dangers associated with this type of natural drug treatment, which is why having the help of an expert is crucial. These experts will know exactly how much Ibogaine to give you and will administer this drug in a medically controlled environment.

If you are interested in this drug, scheduling a few consultations an expert is essential. With their help, you will be able to figure out whether or not Ibogaine is the right treatment for your particular needs. The time and energy that you put into scheduling and attending these consultations will be well worth it in the long run.

Using Acupuncture or Massage


Studies have shown that massage and Acupuncture can be a great ways for a recovering addict to let go of stress. These practices have been shown to calm the body as well as the mind, which makes them great holistic treatment options for stressed-out drug users trying to recover. Being able to calm the nerves and removing stress from the body can, albeit temporary, have a massive positive effect on the addict’s success rate.

Use of Emotional Freedom Techniques

Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) is sometimes referred to as tapping. This process involves a person tapping their fingers in a sequence on various points of the body. These points are chosen using a method similar to what Acupuncturists use. The main idea behind this type of therapy is that, when these pressure points are tapped, they will help to free up areas where your energy may be blocked due to drug use. During this type of therapy, you will be asked to verbally identify how you are feeling.

Often times, this therapy is used when a person uses drugs to mask emotional trauma in their past. Many people have had success with this type of therapy and it is being widely used in holistic circles.

Mindfulness Based Therapies


Studies show that most people who are addicted to drugs are often disconnected from their bodies. This detachment leads to a person trying to self-medicate to soothe the emotional and physical pain they have. One of the best ways for an addict to get reattached emotionally with their spiritual being is by taking advantage of mindfulness therapies. The exercises that are commonly used in this type of therapy will allow you to learn how to deal with the stress of life without using drugs.

Yoga is one of the most commonly used practices with this type of therapy. Learning how to meditate will allow you to remove the stress that may drive you to use drugs or alcohol. While doing Yoga will take some time to get used to, it is well worth the effort that is invested.

Equine Therapy

Finding a new purpose in life or pursuing a passion is a great way to kick your drug habit. Do you love horses? If so, equine therapy is a great option. During this therapy, you will be accompanied by a mental health professional and an equine expert as you care for horses at a stable. Not only will this put you back in touch with your passion, it will allow you to take the focus off of drugs.

Finding the right natural drug treatment is possible, but will require some research on behalf of the addict. Not all options work for everyone, so it is imperative that you do proper planning. Finding success and sobriety is possible with the right treatment methods. After all, every addict deserves a chance to lead a healthy and sober life.

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