6 – Ways Couples Can Stay Healthy Together

Support is an essential tool for success when it comes to any diet and exercise plan. Whether you find support from fellow gym-goers, friends, or even an online health and fitness group, being held accountable greatly increases your chances for success. If you’re in a relationship, your partner can act as your main source of motivation and encouragement. Here are 8 ways that you and your partner can share a healthy, active lifestyle together.

1. Exercise Together

Exercise TogetherThe best and easiest way to stay healthy together with your partner is to workout together when possible. This might mean joining the same gym, adopting similar workout regimes, or training together. The form of exercise you choose will have a lot to do with your goals, interests, and abilities. But just because one partner may be stronger, faster, or in better shape than the other, doesn’t mean you can’t exercise together. There are countless ways to modify and individualize a workout so it leaves you both feeling accomplished and positive.

Check out these useful gym tips for couples to help you get started. If you aren’t able to join a gym, you and your partner can take walks or jogs together or try at home workouts. If you can’t attend the same gym at the same time it doesn’t mean that you still can’t exercise together. You can still encourage each other to exercise daily. Check in with your partner and see if they worked out that day. If not, try motivating them to do so or even double-up on your own workout by joining them for an extra sweat session!

2. Cook Something Up in the Kitchen

While it’s extremely important to exercise together, it’s equally important to maintain a healthy diet. When you adopt healthier eating habits with your partner, it’s much easier to avoid temptation. That’s because your house will be free from fattening or tempting foods. You can stock your cabinets and fridge with plenty of health, nutritious foods that both you and your partner enjoy. If you feel yourself wavering or on the brink of cheating, turn to your partner for encouragement. Experiment together by making nutritious and delicious recipes in the kitchen. You can go grocery shopping together to pick out the freshest ingredients and then spend quality time together whipping up something tasty and satisfying. When one partner is eating healthy, it’s much easier for both of you to be successful.

3. Offer Support

Offer SupportSupport comes in all different forms. Emotional, physical, and mental support from your partner can help you stay on a healthy path and maintain a healthy lifestyle. No one knows you better than your partner, which means they know and understand your triggers and challenges. Are you a stress eater? Your partner likely knows this and can help relieve your stress or remind you that eating fattening foods won’t make you feel any better.

On those days where you simply don’t feel like exercising, your partner can offer you the words of encouragement and boost of confidence you need to hit the gym. They’ll remind you of how good you’ll feel once it’s done and may even offer to join you. You can offer your partner the same support in return. Try packing them healthy snacks to bring to work or school. Prepare a healthy meal you both can enjoy or plan a date night that includes physical activity. Rock climbing, kayaking, or even hiking make for great activities you can do together and help you remain healthy, strong, and confident.

4. Enjoy Rest Days Together

Everyone deserves a break. Your body and muscles need time to recover after intense workouts, cardio, and strength training. What better way to enjoy your rest day than with the person you enjoy being with most? But rest days don’t mean completely giving up on all the healthy goals you’ve set thus far. It simply means exercising in a less intense way or allowing yourself a treat or cheat meal. Plan your rest days together. Maybe you can plan to visit a local park or museum where you can walk around and remain active. Sign up for a cooking class that teaches you about healthy, local ingredients. Or simply enjoy relaxing on the couch catching up on some of your favorite television shows. You both deserve a break. Remind each other that it’s okay to rest and it’s important to listen to your body. “Finally, you may also want to contemplate practicing loving-kindness meditation towards each other.”

5. Share a Healthy Sex Life

Healthy Sex LifeSex is an important part of any healthy relationship. Not only does it create intimacy and a close connection between two people, but it’s actually great for your mental and physical health. Lack of sex in a relationship can be stressful. One partner may feel undesirable while another may suspect infidelity. A healthy sex life makes both you and your partner feel secure in the relationship. But sex and orgasm actually carry many health benefits as well. Orgasms help release feel good chemicals known as endorphins. The same chemicals released when you exercise. These chemicals help boost your mood and leave you feeling energized and positive. And believe it or not, depending on the duration of your sex session, you and your partner will burn calories. Other health benefits include lowered blow pressure, increased bladder control for women, and lowers the risk of heart attack. View a healthy sex life as a boost in your mood, intimacy, and overall health.

6. Share Your Goals and Accomplishments

Just as you and your partner will be there for one another when things get tough and your motivation waivers, you can also share in one another goals and accomplishments. Help each other set realistic goals. Maybe it’s to lose a certain amount of weight, complete a challenge or race, or lower your blood pressure or cholesterol. Whatever your goals are, share and document them together. This way, when either of you loses sight of why you’ve adopted this healthier lifestyle, you can remind each other. And when you meet those goals, you can celebrate one another’s accomplishments before setting new ones. It feels good to share your moments of joy and achievement with others, so why not let it be with the most important person in your life?

Adopting a healthy lifestyle that includes adequate exercise and a well-balanced diet can be hard work. It takes time to transition and adjust to a new way of life. But when you have the support of a partner, it makes your goals seem more achievable. You also have a constant source of encouragement and support. Your partner’s achievements soon feel like your own and push you to work harder and dream bigger. So adopt a few of these techniques and you and your partner will soon discover the best, healthiest versions of yourselves.

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