6 Natural Ways to Improve Your Focus

Natural Ways to Improve Your Focus

Whether you’re trying to improve your own focus so you can get more done each day, or you’re looking to help your kids get on the right track for school, there are so many ways to naturally improve your focus both in the moment and over time. While caffeine, all-nighters and other methods of strained focusing might work in the short term, they’re usually not the healthiest or most natural options, and there are plenty of other ways to focus your attention even better.

Since these methods of improving your focus are all natural, they can work on adults and kids alike. You can even bring these habits into your household and start new routines so your improved focus becomes a sustained fixture in your family. From your workway to your pleasure reading — and the kids’ homework and classes — there are so many tasks that can improve with a bit of a natural focus booster. You can try out a few of these methods or stick with one that strikes your fancy. It’s all up to you.

1.  Listen to Music

listening musicWhile there is still some debate around whether or not listening to music actually improves concentration, there’s no denying that it helps some people immensely. If you know it doesn’t work for you already, it probably won’t be the best method to test out, but if you’re unsure, you could always give it a try. Specifically, listening to instrumental music with a steady tempo tends to work great for putting people in the zone to focus quickly. Classical or even lofi instrumental music can often work great for studying and concentration.

2.  Spend Time In Nature

If you’re looking for a sustained method for improving your focus over time, getting outdoors is a great way to do it. Even just a few minutes spent out in nature can improve brain function, mood and memory. This is a great one to try out with the kids — you can even make a routine of taking daily walks or going to the park. If you stick to it over time, you may notice benefits all across your family.

3.  Eat a Meal Beforehand

healthy-mealGoing into any task, class or project hungry is bound to be distracting, no matter how old you are and how well-trained your body is. Proper nutrition helps your body to focus, so making sure you fuel up throughout the day — and especially before things like online classes or meetings — can keep you on track and focused. Eating foods like carbohydrates and foods with rich vitamins and minerals can be especially helpful when looking for a bit of a mental boost. It’s also a great idea to drink enough water throughout the day in order to remain hydrated. All of these factors can combine and ensure that you or your child will feel energized and ready to tackle the day.

4.  Use Scents

Why drink caffeine when you could try some aromatherapy? While it might seem a bit far fetched, there are a few scents that have been known to improve focus quickly and efficiently. Mint is one of the most popular ones, as even chewing peppermint gum can improve your focus in the moment. However, if you’re not a big fan of mint, there are plenty of other scents and flavors to choose from. Cinnamon, lemon, orange and rosemary also help with concentration. You can diffuse them in the air, find a scented candle you love or even have a snack to perk you up.

5.  Improve Your Sleep Schedule

Sleep ScheduleOne of the easiest ways to guarantee that you won’t focus on what you need to get done is to show up to your day tired, groggy and drained. In order to ensure that you or your kids are alert and ready to focus, getting on a regular sleep schedule is highly recommended. Kids obviously need more sleep than adults, but going to bed and waking up at a similar time each day can get everyone’s body clock used to sleeping on a schedule, which can ensure that you get enough rest every single night.

6.  Meditation and Mindfulness

Practicing mindfulness and meditation are both great methods for improving your focus and concentration over time. Meditation teaches your brain to slow down and acknowledge passing thoughts before letting go and returning back to your center. While this skill is often centered in the meditation practice itself, it can come in handy when concentrating on tasks, often without you even realizing it. Mindfulness is another skill that can help in concentration, too. Mindfulness is all about being present in the moment, activities and sensations all around you. It can help you avoid distractions and focus on whatever is in front of you. 

Improving Your Focus Naturally

Everyone is different, and the same skills and remedies won’t work for everyone, but you can find a few that mesh well with you and your family. You might be the outdoorsy type or the musical type. No matter what, you have the power to improve your focus entirely naturally.

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