5 Ways to Increase the Effectiveness of Your Keto Diet


A ketogenic diet – or keto diet – trains the body’s metabolism to fuel itself using ketone bodies or fatty acids. Through a low-carb, moderate protein intake and high fat consumption, you can make your body adjust to the extra availability of fat. The state is known as ketosis.

While a keto diet is famous for its effectiveness, getting into the routine is not easy. On top of that, you also have to keep the body metabolism balanced correctly to further boost the effectiveness of the diet. To help you get into ketosis, here are the top five tips you can use right away.

Listen to Your Body

Keto Diet

When you first start with a keto diet, listening to your body is essential. You want to eat only when you’re hungry and not every time you crave food and snacks; distinguishing between the two is the challenging part.

Eating only when you are hungry – only when the body requires a boost in nutrients – is a great way to reduce unnecessary snacking. This too will lead to weight loss; you’ll be getting into ketosis fast and staying hydrated at the same time.

Substitute Carb

As mentioned earlier, a keto diet is a low-carb diet. While you should limit your carbohydrate intake, there is no reason why you can’t consume healthy carb substitutes as part of your diet. Food items like shirataki noodles – noodles made from yam – are low carb.

The same can be said for dairy. Instead of drinking milk or consuming other dairy products, you should make the switch to soy milk or almond milk. Both are readily available these days. You can even substitute milk for almond or soy milk in your coffee or tea.

Stay Hydrated

Drink adequate water

Another important thing to do when on a keto diet, especially when you’re just getting started, is staying hydrated. You need to keep the body hydrated in the morning and before noon by drinking around 30 oz. of water at these times.

You can also go a step further and use water to help fight off cravings. When you think you are hungry, drink a glass of water before opening the refrigerator for some snacks. Most of the time, that glass of water will stop you from unnecessarily eating unhealthy food items.

Use Supplements

The healthiest way to reach ketosis is by watching what you eat. During the early stages of your keto diet, however, you can turn to supplements to help you reach the required nutrient intake.

Companies like Perfect Keto now offer BHB supplements that also taste fantastic. There are more flavors to choose from; chocolate sea salt is a firm favorite with many and could be your favorite as well. Supplements can push your metabolism further and will allow you to get into ketosis much faster.

Stick to the Program

Healthy Salad Diet

The last tip to remember is actually quite simple: just stick to the program. Ketosis is a state that you can get into in a day or so, but only when you are committed to the diet. By staying true to the diet program, you will start seeing the benefits of the keto diet just as quickly.

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