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5 Tips to Maximize Your Cannabis Dosing Effectiveness

by Dr Prem Community Writer

Finding the right cannabis dose for your body is a process that depends on your condition. Low doses and high doses can drastically change the experience for many people. There’s also some inconsistency in cannabis research, but legalization has opened the doors for more research.

Research Inconsistency

Cannabis-Dosing-There is very little research consistency when it comes to cannabis plants. There are no laboratory standard testing procedures across testing facilities. That makes it hard to determine much about the plant’s chemical contents accurately. Current classifications like ‘Sativa‘ and ‘Indica’ may be inaccurate as research continues to paint a bigger picture. The efficacy of a strain depends on the interaction of several active ingredients. Those active ingredients and their effects are still the subject of much research as the industry grows.

Flower Strains Vary

Marijuana plants are vastly different, even from one strain to another. Sativa and Indica are two broad categories that consumers know, but the reality is much broader. Many companies are grouping cannabis into classes on their chemical composition, rather than their heritage. This chemo-typing may help researchers better determine the effects of cannabinoids on medical conditions. Personalized medicinal strains may have a combination of Sativa and Indica strains to produce a hybrid. Hybrids with a specific combination of THC and CBD allow patients personal control over their treatment. But finding the right mix of cannabinoids is a struggle in itself.

Real-Time Dosing Journal

Cannabis-Dosing-One solution to the lack of consistency with medicinal marijuana is keeping a real-time dosing journal. These journals, like the Strainprint cannabis app, keep track of strain sessions and their benefits. The app can help medical users determine which combination of strains are most effective for them. Personalized therapeutic doses can help avoid multi-phasic dose-response relationships. The negative aspects of marijuana can be better controlled by tracking symptoms and relief every session.

Consumption Tips

Some general consumption tips for medical cannabis users include starting low and slow. Low refers to the dose of cannabis a user begins with, gradually increasing it for maximum effect. Every person’s tolerance and the best treatment is unique, which is why dosing journals are so useful. Every patient’s therapeutic window is different. The therapeutic window refers to the range between the lowest effective dose and one that produces unwanted side effects. People with no experience with marijuana usually have a much lower threshold for a dose that may cause side effects.

It’s also worth noting that marijuana may produce bi-direction effects in people. These effects are highly dependent on the person, strain, and dosage in question. An example of a bi-directional effect is an anxious person taking a dose of cannabinoids to relax. Someone who doesn’t suffer from anxiety may take the same dose but become anxious after. Personal dosing journals help patients find their preferred cannabinoid profile.

Finding the Right Dose

Cannabis-Dosing-Cannabis doesn’t have to be inhaled to be beneficial. There are many products on the market, including edibles, tinctures, and sprays. Many of these products list their cannabinoid content for easy reference. Finding the right dose means keeping track of each experience, so your treatment is personalized to your condition.

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