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hire a personal trainer

Does your current workout routine have you bored? Have you recently reached a plateau in your weightloss journey? Or maybe you’re just jumping on the health and fitness bandwagon. Whatever the reason, it’s time for you to hire a personal trainer. It’s time to toss that negative attitude and unhealthy lifestyle out the window (along with the chips and ice cream!), and adopt a healthier you! After all, investing in yourself is the best and safest investment you’ll ever make. Find out how a personal trainer can help you realize your dreams!

1. Learn the Ins and Outs of the Gym

Couple doing workout on fitness machine at gym.Did you know that 65% of women avoid the gym out of pure intimidation? Maybe it’s the muscle heads doing power squats or the young, model-type women in sports bras. Or perhaps it’s because they just don’t know enough about the gym or the equipment to perform an effective workout. Have you ever found yourself standing amongst the treadmill, leg press machines, and spin bikes wondering where to even begin?

Don’t worry, you’re not alone! When you work with a personal trainer, they will show you every inch of the gym, explaining the equipment along the way. You’ll learn what each machine is used for, including what body part it works. You’ll also learn how to properly and safely use each area of the gym. This prevents injury and makes for a safe and enjoyable gym experience.

2. Push past Your Limits

Sometimes, we’re our own worst enemy. Whether it’s a mental or physical barrier, a personal trainer can help you push past your limits and achieve great things. When you perform the same exercises over and over again, your body is no longer challenged. You need to switch things up and keep your muscles guessing. Muscle memory is a real thing and when used the right way, can be a positive and effective way to learn a new skill.

On the flipside, muscle memory means that your muscles aren’t growing, changing, or evolving. It’s important to switch up your workout routine and activities regularly. Incorporate some yoga or pilates into your weight lifting schedule. Are you a runner? Try a Barre class. And don’t forget about those outdoor activities that double as a workout and a fun weekend. Things like kayaking, paddle boarding, and hiking are all great forms of exercise and help you get a dose of beneficial vitamin D. But when it comes to challenging yourself, nothing beats the guidance of a personal trainer.

3. Stay Motivated

hire a personal trainerThere are two main reasons people give for not exercising. One, is not having enough time. And the other is lacking the motivation needed to actually get it done. While making time is your own personal responsibility, a personal trainer can help with giving you the motivation you need to succeed. Your trainer will hold you accountable to showing up everyday for whatever workout they have planned. We all need a little encouragement sometimes to achieve our goals and do hard things.

Research shows that it takes 66 days for you to form a habit and change your behavior for good. Your personal trainer can help get you there. When you realize the amazing physical and mental health benefits of your new health and fitness routine, chances are you’ll jump at the chance to hit the gym (and feel incomplete when you miss it). But even if guilt is what gets you to the gym, getting there is half the battle! Top rated trainers like those at can help get you started.

4. Master Nutrition

If there’s one thing you know about weight loss it’s that your nutrition plays a big part in your success. In fact, research shows that only 20% of weight loss comes from exercise. The other 80% is based on how you fuel your body. Not only will your diet dictate the number on the scale, but it can mean the difference between small and big changes in your entire body composition. While many gyms are equipped with certified nutritionists, even your personal trainer will have first-hand insight into what foods work best for your body composition and goals.

Are you trying to bulk up? A diet high in good-fats and protein will get you there! Is your main objective shedding pounds? If so, bring on the veggies and cardio. Let your personal trainer guide you when it comes to meal planning based on your current workout regime.

5. Affordable Approach to Fitness

Approach to FitnessAnother common misconception about personal trainers is that only Hollywood stars and athletes can afford them. While some “trainers to the stars” might charge an arm and a leg for their fitness expertise, there are plenty of high-qualified and affordable personal trainers available at most gyms. What if you knew that you could get the body and life you’ve always wanted for under $100 per session? In fact, most trainers charge between $50 and $80 per session and many offer discounts based on the gym’s pricing and your membership. The truth is, regardless of the price you pay, your results and both mental and physical wellbeing will be well-worth the cost.

Don’t let sticker shock, laziness, or fear stop you from adopting a better, healthier lifestyle. Have you tried every fad diet there is? Do you have workout videos and weights at home collecting dust? These are all signs that your workout regime needs a face lift. Let a personal trainer guide you both physically and mentally. They’ll provide the knowledge, motivation, and resources needed for continued success.

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