5 Benefits of Yoga For Men


For most guys, working out is all about building muscles, getting toned or losing weight. Their exercise routines are very intense and consist mostly of upper body training like forearm workouts, overall arms, chest and back workouts to improve the way they look. Some men will occasionally do a leg workout to keep themselves looking balanced too.

As a guy, Yoga is not something that I think of when it comes to my workout routines. When you watch Hollywood movies or TV shows, it always seems more feminine but after coming across some yoga quotes recently it made me realize how beneficial it could be as part of my workout routine.

Yoga has a lot of benefits for men; it helps to improve breathing, helps you relax and even improves your sex life. In this article I will explain the 5 benefits of Yoga for men and explain why you should add it to your workout routine.

What Are The Benefits of Yoga for men?

Yoga Boosts Your Immune System

immunityStudies like the one in PLos journal have shown that yoga improves your body’s defense system because of the way your body reacts to the poses in yoga. In scientific terms, the researchers discovered that people who practiced yoga had rapid gene expression changes and this led in most cases to a stronger immune system.

Yoga Helps With Stress Relief

According to the experts, yoga helps you train your mind to deal with stress.

Practicing yoga involves holding a pose in complete stillness, followed by a controlled release, which means you are strengthening your prefrontal cortex, therefore training your mind to keep your stress signal under control.

As men, most of us go through stressful situations at work or at home when dealing with family, and sometimes you end up with stomach aches and digestive issues.

Through the movements involved in yoga, your body will be able to digest food much better and actually help you to absorb more nutrients from the food you eat which means you will have more energy throughout your day.

Yoga Improves Sex Life

According to a Men’s Health report, men who practiced yoga were more likely to perform much better sexually than men who did not practice yoga. This is because yoga increases blood flow to the genital area and helps to reduce your anxiety.

It is also believed that yoga helps to get rid of toxins that inhibit sexual performance in men.

Yoga Builds Lean Muscle Mass

This had to be at the top of the list because surprisingly, yoga is a great way to build lean muscle mass. Because you use your own body weight during yoga, your poses help to increase blood flow to your muscles and this also increases flow of oxygen. More oxygen to your muscles means better recovery times and quicker growth.

The Benefits of Yoga For Men

As you have read, yoga has a lot of great benefits. It helps to improve your overall health and keeps you relaxed. If you have never thought of adding it to your workout routine, now could be a good time.

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