5 Beneficial Teas and How They Can Improve Your Health

Beneficial Tea

Some people drink tea to relax. Others use it as an alternative for coffee. Whether you sip the iced or hot variety, tea can do more than just quench your thirst or desire for relaxation. In fact, tea has been used for its beneficial properties for hundreds of years. Whether you’re already an avid tea-drinker or are looking for new and healthy ways to boost energy levels and your overall health, this article can help. Keep reading to discover some of the most beneficial types of tea and what they have to offer.



Chamomile is one of the most popular tea flavors available — for both its sweet taste and calming properties. Chamomile tea is most commonly used as a sleep aid but is also credited with lowering the risk of numerous diseases (including cancer). It’s also packed with antioxidants, which helps boost your immune system. Dealing with digestive issues? Chamomile tea can help ease common digestive issues like nausea and diarrhea. It’s also said to improve overall digestion, which leads to a healthier weight and promotes heart health.


Speaking of healthy digestion, Ashitaba is credited with easing heartburn, GERD (gastroesophageal reflux disease) and stomach ulcers. The root, leaf, and stem are all used to produce the beneficial tea. If you’re suffering from constipation, Ashitaba can help your maintain regularity. It can also help reduce high blood pressure and cholesterol. Some people describe Ashitaba as tasting like celery — slightly bitter with a warm, fresh aftertaste. Not only can you sip Ashitaba, but it also makes for a great base in soups and or rice. If you’re willing to give Ashitaba a try, you won’t be disappointed by the results. Learn more about premium Ashitaba by Kenko.


MintThere’s nothing more refreshing than peppermint. The cool, sweet taste leaves you feeling refreshed and energized. Another added bonus? Peppermint tea is known for reducing your appetite and curbing cravings. It’s likely no surprise that peppermint tea is also effective at fighting bad breath. But if you’re looking to escape the common cold or flu, this tea might help. Peppermint tea has been known to reduce fever, as well as cold and flu symptoms. If you’re feeling stressed out or are struggling to focus, this minty tea can help strengthen cognitive function and reduce anxiety.


Not just a gorgeous, tropical flower — hibiscus tea is one of the best teas for boosting your immune system and overall body function. Not only is this colorful and sweet tea packed with antioxidants, but it’s also credited with lowering blood pressure, promoting weight loss, improving liver function, preventing certain cancers, and fighting off bacteria. Another awesome addition is that hibiscus tea fills your glass with a vibrant color — making it both beneficial and attractive to drink!


Sage teaSage tea is known for its floral aroma and taste. The plant is blue, gray, and purple in color and one of the best teas for treating menstrual cramps. Due to its ability to reduce inflammation, a soothing hot cup of sage tea can help reduce discomfort associated with PMS. But the benefits don’t stop there! If your diet is lacking in vitamins and nutrients, look no further than this tea! Sage offers a boost of vitamins A, C, E, and K, as well as zinc, magnesium, and copper. Other benefits associated with this tea include improved memory, reduced blood sugar, and better oral health.

Sipping tea is about more than just ambiance — although that’s nice too! You can easily boost your mood, strengthen your immune system, and improve your health by simply brewing a cup. Whether it’s hot or cold, incorporate these five beneficial teas into your daily schedule.

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