4 Ways To Protect Your Eyes From Dust, Pollution And Harmful Sun Rays

Protect Your Eyes

Your eyes are one of your body’s most delicate organs. But often, your eyes are the organs that remain the most neglected. For instance, before you step out in the sun, you remember to apply a good body lotion to protect your skin from the sun UV rays. You don yourself in full sleeves to protect your body from tanning. But how often do you think about your eyes – an organ which is likely to get most affected by the outdoor dust, pollution and harmful sun rays? If you want to know how to take care of your eyes and shield them from the onslaught of pollution and UV rays, visit a professional eye care clinic Also, here are some helpful tips you can read on.

Use eye cleansers

Use eye cleansersWho has not, at least once their lives, felt something fly into their eyes and cause irritation? And what do most of us to do get rid of it? Of course, rub the eyes. But that’s precisely what is exposing the eyes to more dust, germs, and bacteria. The next time you instinctively reach out to rub your eyes, stop yourself. The germs and dust particles on your hand will be transmitted to your eyes via rubbing. One of the best ways to get rid of any irritation or any object that has entered your eyes is to use an eye cleanser. If you can’t get your hands on one, try opting for eyelid wipes – you can carry this one with you anywhere you go.

Make sure you are surrounded by clean environment

We don’t realize it, but more often than not, we are surrounded by objects that contain dust and other harmful pollutants. You might be waiting for your mode of transport on a dusty road, or maybe you work near a sewage. And who is to say if the air around you is clean? All of these factors can affect your eyesight. Constant contact with dust and debris can seriously impact your vision in the long run. The best way to deal with this is to ensure that you work and live in clean environment. Try to keep your house as dust free as possible. The same stands true for your office space, at least, your office desk.

Invest in eye gear or contact lenses

Invest in eye gear or contact lensesProtecting your eyes from dust, pollution or harmful UV sunrays isn’t that hard. Before you step out in the sun, make sure to wear a good pair of glares or sunglasses. And if you are a passionate swimmer, don’t forget to wear goggles before you step into the pool. These goggles will protect your eyes from the chlorine present in water. Moreover, if you are working on some construction or DIY project, it is essential to wear your safety glasses and shield your eyes from dust and splinters. And if you want to combine cool with care, then go for good quality contact lens, such as the Bella Elite Cloudy Grey. Not only will you be able to keep your eyes safe form pollution and harmful sun rays, but also manage to look stylish and elegant while doing so!

Wash your hands regularly

You will be surprised to find that most vision problems in our eyes occur due to its contact with the hands – which are filled with germs, dust, and numerous other bacteria. Thus, it is essential to frequently wash your hands before you touch your eyes. Especially when it comes to contact lenses – keeping your hands as clean as possible is a crucial habit. Even the most beautiful and natural looking lenses – such as Bella Elite Emerald Green lens – run the risk of being affected by dust and germs if you don’t wash your hands before wearing them.

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