4 Tips to getting the help you need with an elderly family member

elderly family member

Having an elderly family member in your care can be quite a responsibility as well as a challenge. It takes a great deal of time, effort, money, and attention to help a loved one who is in need and at times, it can be emotionally and physically draining. It can be particularly hard if you do not know how to care for your loved one or where to look for help. It can feel like an uphill battle and a daunting task. This article will help you with some tips to taking care of your elderly family member.

Try to put your feelings to the side
 elderly family member

Caring for a loved one is a lot of work and it can bring up hurt feelings and resentment towards other members of the family who you believe should be helping out. These feelings of anger and resentment can get in the way of caring for your elderly family member and will cause more harm than good. Try your best to put these feelings to the side and focus on the task at hand. If you are unable to do so, consider seeing a therapist who can help you work through these feelings. Your therapist may also help you find strategies to communicate with your family members so that they do participate in the caregiving duties.

Set boundaries 

It is important to set personal and emotional boundaries when caring for a loved one. When you first take a loved one into your home and offer to help care for them, you may not realize that you even need to set boundaries. However, if you have not set boundaries, you will soon be sorry. Boundaries help to keep you focused on your own personal care as much as your elderly loved one’s care. Remember that you will not be able to properly care for your family member if you are not well.

Use community services

There are likely a variety of community services in your local area that can step in and assist you. Whether it is bringing healthy meals to your home or providing in home medical services, be sure to check out your local social services office and inquire about how you can get some assistance. You would find people who are eager and happy to help you in this time of need.

Communicate with others in your family 

Caring for a loved one is a tough task and not one that you should do alone. It can tear families apart it can be utterly draining for emotions and financially irreparable. If you are unable to communicate with family members to help you in providing good care for your loved one, you will want to consider hiring a home care provider to assist. If you live in Oregon, a Portland home care provider can be the answer to your prayers as they will help you with anything that you need.

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