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4 Tantra yoga positions that will help you get in shape

by Dr Prem Community Writer
Tantra yoga

Yoga is a great way to stay in shape. It’s relaxing, meditative and great for keeping fit. It builds up your muscle strength and increases your flexibility. Because it’s such a relaxing way to exercise, it’s ideal if you’re looking for something you can do with your partner. In fact, couples can do various yoga poses together. Yoga is a great way to increase intimacy in your relationship because it requires trust and communication. It also opens up a space that allows for play and laughter. Let’s take a look at four tantra yoga positions that can get you exercising together.

Bound Angle Pose

The next pose on our list is an intimate spin on a familiar resting pose that requires two people.

Begin the bound angle pose by sitting back to back with your partner. Press the soles of your feet together. As you inhale, focus on lengthening your spine. With your exhale, one partner will fold forward from the hips, while keeping their back straight.

This is where intimacy and trust come into it. The other partner will relax back against their partner’s shoulders and back as they fold. While doing this allow for your heart, collarbone, and chest to expand.

Try holding this pose for five to ten breaths before coming back up to straight sitting with an inhale. Repeat this pose, but this time; have the opposite partner fold forward and support the other.

You can always use pillows for support with this pose if you’re new to the game and aren’t too comfortable.

Plow and Camel Pose

Tantra yoga positionsWe’ve jumped a couple of levels with this next pose – if you’re more advanced with yoga, you’ll find it both rewarding and challenging.

The plow and camel pose is a good chance to feel one another’s energy and communicate well to get the support you need.

The person who is base in this pose lies on the ground on their back. Lifting their legs, they bring them up over their head. With their arms, they reach behind them to touch the ground. This is the plow pose part.

The second partner gets into position on their knees, leaning against their partners back with their feet touching their shoulders. Slowly and gently, the second partner begins to lean back to form the camel pose. Remember to keep the knees apart by measuring them against your hips.

Hold this pose together for five deep breaths before switching.

Assisted Backbend

The last intimate yoga pose we want to share is a great chance to let your partner do the work, depending on them entirely for success.

This movement is excellent for opening up your back and heart. It also helps to include playfulness.

Stand back to back with your partner and hook elbows with them. The base partner bends their knees and engages their core muscles. The base begins to move forward slowly while the other partner leans back against them.

The base partner leans all the way forward until the second partner’s feet aren’t touching the ground.

We recommend holding this pose for a few breaths before slowly bringing the second partner down again and switching roles.

The Seated Twist

We’ll begin our list with an easy move that’s intimate if you do it with your partner. The seated twist requires you to sit back-to-back with your partner and cross-legged on your yoga mat.

As you inhale, bring both of your arms up. Exhale and bring them down again, twisting to the right.

As you twist to the right, reach out for your partner’s knee or thigh, and hold onto it. Begin this pose again with every inhale, and stretch further each time.

When you exhale, twist your body more by reaching for your partner’s knee or thigh and holding on tightly. Try to see if you can synchronize your breathing as well throughout this pose.

Try These Tantric Yoga Poses for Health and Intimacy

Tantra yoga positionsWhat we love most about yoga is that it doesn’t have to be done alone. While there are some great poses out there that work great with just one person, a lot of them can be incorporated into a two-partner situation. Because you’re relying on your partner for communication and trust, these yoga poses are a great way to get fit and develop a new level of intimacy together.

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