3 Ways Drinking Water and Additional Supplements Help Fight Off Reoccurring UTIs

Reoccurring UTIs

Urinary infection is usually caused by the development of E. coli bacteria in the urinary tract. This type of bacteria exists naturally in the intestine of all people, however, some simple factors such as doing intimate hygiene incorrectly or not drinking water during the day, make it easier for that bacteria to reach the urinary tract causing infection.

Many times this infection goes unnoticed and the body manages to fight it naturally, but when symptoms such as pain or burning arise when urinating, it is necessary to find a doctor and initiate the appropriate treatment. Better known as a UTI, a urinary tract infection occurs when a part of your urinary tract fails to perform and causes bacteria or toxin buildup. Although women are at higher risk for UTIs, these uncomfortable and sometimes painful infections can affect anyone, can become chronic and may cause more serious health issues. Read on to learn how to prevent recurrent UTIs.

1. Water Removes Toxins

 emptying bladderIn addition to eliminating excess fluids and toxins from the body, urine helps clean the walls of the urethra, eliminating bacteria that may be rising to the bladder. Because of this, enduring the urge to go to the bathroom prevents this process of natural cleaning from occurring, facilitating the development of bacteria.

When a lot of urine accumulates, the bladder becomes more dilated and cannot  be completely contracted when the bath is finally used. When this happens, some urine may remain inside the bladder, increasing the risk of bacteria growth and infection. Throughout the day, the foods you eat and fluids you drink turn into toxins in the body. Your kidneys turn these toxins into removable waste (aka urine), but they need water to do so. When you drink at least six glasses of water per day, it makes it easier for your kidneys to neutralize metabolic waste and expel the toxins. However, it is also important to test the water you are drinking. If you have a water filter, you also have to check if it is still working properly. One way to do this is to measure TDS in water using TDS meters.

2. Fluids Help You Urinate More Often

In addition to a buildup of toxins, not urinating enough can cause bacteria to build up around the urethra. The buildup can then slowly travel inside the urethra, causing a urinary tract infection. When you drink enough fluids, you urinate more frequently, leaving little room for bacteria buildup. Urination is the most natural way to prevent UTI, so it is important to avoid holding it in when you feel like you need to go. Additionally, if you are a female, wipe front to back to ensure fecal matter doesn’t enter the urethra.

3. Supplements Add an Extra Layer of Protection

Rare Stomach ConditionsSome people are prone to recurring UTIs. For these people, a prevention supplement may help. Supplements attach to newly introduced bacteria before they take hold in the body and help to increase urine flow so that you remove harmful bacteria and toxins more often. Additionally, many supplements include electrolytes that help to balance or even boost your immune system.

You don’t need to keep suffering from recurrent UTIs. If drinking more water doesn’t seem to be helping, add a zero-calorie supplement to your regimen and make urinary tract infections a thing of the past.

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