3 Tips for Losing Weight in College

Tips for Losing Weight in College

Struggling with weight gain after starting college? You aren’t alone. Many college students around the country report experiencing unwanted weight loss upon beginning their college careers; in other words, the “freshman 15” is no joke. It is difficult for many college students to lose weight, between busy schedules and a lack of control over meals due to limited money or access to off campus food. Unfortunately for many, losing weight in college is not as easy as undergoing weight loss treatments at ThriveMD. If you are a college student struggling to lose weight, here are a few simple tips that can help you out.

1.  Walk Whenever You Can

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One of the best parts of living on or around a college campus is that most buildings both on and off campus are accessible on foot. Even if you have a car on campus, opting to walk wherever you need to go instead of driving can be an effective way to sneak in a quick workout. From walking to class to walking to the grocery store, traveling on foot whenever you can is an important weight loss tip that is sure to be helpful for everyone!

2.  Take Advantage of the Campus Recreation Center

One advantage that college students have over non-students is access to an on campus gym. Most universities have an on-campus recreation center that includes a fully equipped fitness center; some even offer exercise classes or personal training sessions that are either included in your tuition or can be billed to your tuition so you don’t have to pay up front. Heading to the gym in between classes or before bed is one of the many advantages of living on or near your campus, and taking advantage of your school’s free gym membership can help aid you in your weight loss goals.

3.  Make Food At Home

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Even if you live in a dorm and have limited storage space for groceries, making as many meals as you can on your own will help you avoid the unhealthy food that is available at most dining halls. Even if you can only make part of your meal on your own time and need to resort to eating your entree at the dining hall, saving calories and eating your own food whenever you can is helpful in meeting your weight loss goals.

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