3 Things to Consider Before Rhinoplasty

Things to Consider Before Rhinoplasty

Although you may believe that rhinoplasty is the obvious choice for you, this may very well not be the case. It’s a very big decision to make, and the conclusion you come to should factor in a few very valuable points. These issues aren’t just from a financial or aesthetic standpoint – there are a few long-term considerations that need to be made with regards to rhinoplasty that are all too easily dismissed by those keen on the procedure, but not being aware of them can very quickly lead to some bothersome issues. In this blog we take a look at a few of these points to help those interested in rhinoplasty make a more confident decision.

 The first things to consider

RhinoplastyThe next time you’re looking for the best possible nose surgery in Sydney, it’s a good idea to find a surgeon who has an excellent track record. This is not only to ensure the procedure itself goes off without a hitch, but to also ensure that all of your questions and enquiries are answered in the most complete and accurate way possible.

For instance, your existing bone and cartilage structure will only allow for certain modifications to be made – it’s impossible to just ask for the nose of your dreams, after all – so how your specialist is able to demonstrate the limits related to the alteration of your nose before the procedure itself is important. Knowing that only certain things can be done should be conveyed to you, and if you’re being promised a fantasy operation, it’s probably a good idea to run to the hills.

Similarly, it must be ensured that your procedure doesn’t impact your airways, otherwise breathing will be a huge problem, and your health will suffer. In the event that your septum is deviated, you should also be recommended a means to straighten it to improve your breathing after the operation.

 Long-term consideration to ponder

Rushing into rhinoplasty at an early age is also a poor idea – as bones in the face and nose need to fully mature before nose surgery can be done, getting surgery done before development is complete can cause serious complications. This is also something to consider if you have a teenager desperate for rhinoplasty. Smokers looking to get rhinoplasty should know that it is in their best interest to quit, as smoking – as with all forms of surgery – can increase the risk of complications and draw out the recovery process considerably. With this in mind, quitting isn’t just in the lead up to the operation – you should refrain for up to 12 months afterwards after the recovery is 100% complete. Finally, your financial state should absolutely factor into your final decision – although you might feel compelled to pursue rhinoplasty, if it causes you financial hardship in the long-term, it will be more trouble than it’s worse. Getting a loan for such a procedure is obviously ill-advised. 

Weighing up your rhinoplasty options

RhinoplastyEven with all of this advice in mind, and having found a great surgeon, it’s never a bad idea to consult another medical practitioner for a second opinion. In doing this you’ll be able to acquire as much information as possible related to this life-changing operation before you make the big decision.

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