12 health fads that faded away

Health fads that faded away

Health fads come and go. They are becoming the latest wrath that let the people go into hope and people set their mind to go with the potion which is new. Some health fads are around us for a while and some start to heat up. The most important thing is, people get into a craze and try to acquire even the crap that is suggested by a stranger and things that have just freshly blasted up on to the scene. But apart the entire scenario, these 12 health fads range from maddening to alarming, to outright sickening, and couldn’t go away shortly.

1. Bee toxin:

There was a stereotype that the poison applied to outer skin through natural sting heals numberless dangerous diseases such as multiple sclerosis, fibromyalgia, arthritis, breast cancer and tendonitis.

Fact: Get stung by a bee is a painful and dangerous deed that can cause allergic reactions, such as breathing problem, smeared or slurred tongue, hives on skin, vomiting and even lips, tongue, eye and throat swelling.

2. Diet selection according to blood-group:

Blood-group diet means you have to adopt and avoid particular elements in your diet. If your blood group type is “A” then you will have to avoid non-vegetarian food, meat and dairy products. People, who have type-O blood-group, need a lot of animal protein and a few carbohydrates with enough work out. Type B, people should adopt the meal including fish and red meat.

Fact: Cutting down or avoiding certain group of food is fastidious and will lead to unbalance and deficiency of essential nutrients.

3. Tapeworm Diet pills:

The concept was, that if you swallowed the beef tapeworm eggs and then took medicines to kill the tapeworms, you would lose weight.

Fact: Such parasites suck all the nutrients along with blood from your body giving you a pale and weakened look. Regarding the weight part – as it is tough to change the habits, when the tapeworms vanished, you regained the weight. So this practice is unproductive and detrimental.

4. Placenta Drinks:

Placenta drink is a product that is manifested as health product, weight loss agent, beauty product and a cure to depression that occur post-delivery. Not only this, it provides raise to non-surgical face and anti-aging characteristics.

Fact: Can there be a more appropriate fad to adopt or promote? Definitely the answer is, “No”. FDA has given red flag to this product.

5. Ear Coning by wax-coated cone:

To treat the hearing problems, hay fever, headache and migraine, ear coning is done by a hollow wax-coated cone and lit to generate vacuum. Your energy-level is affected by this practice.

Fact: These practices can be the cause of exterior burn, punctured ear-drums and ear canal hiccup because of wax. There is no scientific logic behind creating vacuum or removing wax from the ear through this practice.

6. Oxygenated water:

Oxygenated water is asserted to augment sports activities, supporter of generating detoxified blood, recovering-agent of muscle and heart functions.

Fact: Taking deep breath is a far better option than oxygenated water.

7. Mesotherapy for targeting fat:

To target fat, women used to go for practicing this therapy in which, chemical compounds, vitamins, extracts, homeopathic or pharmaceutical matters were injected in their body.

Fact: Despite the fact that this is in practice till now, it is also true that this therapy has some adverse effects as well; such as skin lesion, reaction because of drugs, infection and irritation.

8. Breatherianism-therapy:

The believers of this practice assert that a person can stay alive on water and the vital life force, “Prana”; where food is not necessary.

Fact: It is refuted by the logic of medical science.

9. In the presence of device, feet bath into salty water:

Detox foot bath is a technique in which feet are bathed into salty water and a device is inserted into the water to clean the internal body.

Fact: There is a very simple logic behind turning the water from transparent to yellow and yellow to brown. Due to electrolysis process, iron electrodes get corroded and their non-soluble iron precipitate comes up as a scum, through the reactions of body toxins and iron. These outputs can be seen without dipping your feet in the salty water as well.

10. Colonic irrigation:

Colonic irrigation is actually early 90s therapy that was renowned due to John Harvey Kellogg, the founder of the Kellogg cereal company. Kellogg popularized colonic irrigation to flush out the body-toxins.

Fact: This therapy can put you into troubles and you can be caught by independence, withdrawal symptoms, heart failure, grim infections, bowel perforation and brutal imbalanced stages.

11. Iridology: Analysis of the characteristics of Iris:

In Iridology technique, organs and healthy system of body are analyzed through various characteristics of charts, colors and patterns of iris. After that, those characteristics are found which are swollen or reddened, overactive or distraught.

Facts: Iridology can give a wrong analysis and that can lead to wrong cure or rather crap conducts.

12. Ingestion of Spanish fly powder:

Ingestion of Spanish fly power can create the cause of excretion of ‘cantharidin’ in urine that can lead to burning, itching, irritation and bulging of the genitals.

Fact: This is damn treacherous rather poisonous, scaring and end of life as it burns the throat and mouth.

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