Must know dental checkup basics

Dental check up

Regular dental checkups are mandatory if you want to keep your gums healthy. The problems related to gum, teeth, oral cancer etc are also detected in these checkups and you will get enough to spread their growth.

We often forget to take proper care of our teeth but we should not do so because healthy teeth are an important part of our body. We think that only brushing of the teeth will keep them healthy but this is not the case. Most of us visit a dentist only after developing a tooth cavity. We should visit our dentist regularly to protect our teeth from damage.

1. The dental checkup

Our dental health is affected by the lifestyle which we follow. For example: if we consume alcohol and tobacco, it will definitely affect our health causing gum diseases and other dental problems. The American Dental Association had revealed in a study that the bacteria which cause gum diseases may cause serious problems like heart disease, artery blockage and stroke.

2. Oral dental checkups

Oral Dental Checkups means a complete check up of teeth, gum and the mouth cavity. These checkups should be done at regular interval to detect problem, if any, at the earliest. These checkups include:

A. Cleaning and polishing

Teeth’s tarter are removed by cleaning. The dentist uses a hand scaler to do this. It can also be done using an ultrasonic dental instrument. A rotating rubber cup is used for polishing of teeth. The cleaning and polishing remove teeth stains.

B. Education

People should be educated about the ways to take care of the teeth.

C. Examination

A visit at a dentist for examination includes a thorough check up of the teeth, gums and the mouth region. During the examination, the area between the teeth and the areas between teeth and gums are examined by dentist.

D. X-rays

Dentist take X-rays to look for decay, gum disease and other dental problems.

Key points to Remember at the Checkups

a. Check every concern and discuss every problem with the dentist.

b. Tell your dentist about your other medical problems.

c. Ask the dentist about the medication and the dosage and the period under medication. The discussion will help you know more about your problem and its treatment. It will reduce anxiety.

Dental checkups are strongly recommended for those who have high risk for dental problems. These people should meet their dentists once in three months. The people who have high risk for dental problems are:

a. Smokers,

b. Diabetics,

c. People with current gum diseases,

d. People whose immune system does not response strongly to bacterial infection, and

e. People who frequently develop cavities and scales

Tips for Better Oral Health

i. Brush your teeth twice a day, once in the morning and then at night after dinner. The two-time brushing will check the cavities and your teeth will remain cavity free. Proper brushing will also remove plaque from between your teeth. Make it a habit to floss your teeth daily without a miss. There are some places in the mouth which can not be accessed by tooth brushes but floss can reach these places and prevent the formation of plaque at these spots.

ii. Brush your teeth with care and in an appropriate manner. Carelessness while brushing can hurt the gum. Improper brushing will lead to problem of bad breath, which is a very common problem.

iii. Decrease the intake of high sugars food and aerated drinks because they are not good for the teeth. Your teeth are likely to get plaque and cavity due to these stuffs so try to avoid the consumption of these foods as much as possible.

iv. Avoid the use of painkillers like aspirins if you are having ache in your teeth. The painkillers will increase the pain because they burn the gum.

v. Keep a mouth-wash in your bathroom and do not forget to gargle your teeth with it before going for sleep. Regular gargle keeps the bad breath at bay.

It is not tough to maintain a good oral hygiene. The tips written above are pretty simple and you just need to follow them to keep your teeth clean and healthy. Make sure that you are proper attention to your oral health by imbibing these disciplines. Do visit your dentist regularly to keep your teeth in good condition. The visit to a dentist will help in the detection of the problem at the earliest.

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