Health Secrets – You Must Know

Health secrets

Nowadays, due to stress and hectic schedule it has become difficult to maintain our health and maintain it in a proper way. Lack of exercise and improper diet have become a major concern on which you must think on. To stay fit and healthy is something everybody wants; as it is a good feeling and you will be happy the whole day. Follow the mentioned health secrets to stay healthy and live longer.

1. Always Think Positively

Start your day with a good mood. If you wake up with a bad mood then your level of stress in hormones get high even before you start your day. This can give you negative feeling which can irritate you all day long. Hence you have to think positively and get rid of negative thoughts which come in your mind. This will keep you happy and healthy.

2. Exercise

With a good fresh mood, exercising early morning can keep you stay fit all the day long. It is the best thing you can do to stay active. Other than exercise, you must also perform yoga or perform meditation at least once in whole day. Performing exercise on regular basis can help you maintain weight and stay perfect.

Perform Exercise

3. Cure a Tickling Throat

If you feel some tickling or itchy sensation in your throat, then best way to get rid of it is by scratching it. If the nerves in your ear get stimulated, there is reflex in the throat which is created resulting in the muscle spasm which relives from the tickle.

4. Maintain Your Weight

Try not eating excess, or going on a diet in such a way which results in some health problems. It is necessary to have proper weight in order to get good health. This will reduce the risk of diseases like diabetes, cancer, hypertension, and osteoporosis. Try to have self- control and eat small portions. The secret to maintain weight lies in eating small portions.

5. Make Skin Burn Vanish

If accidentally your skin gets burned or some injuries take place, then immediately clean your skin and apply some pressure with figure pads. By this, your skin will not get any kind of blister.

6. Nosebleed

If you have some problem of nose bleeding then put the cotton on upper gums and presses it against them so that nosebleed will stop. Major blood vessels supply the interior of nose which runs through the upper lips. So make sure you press here to stop bleeding.

Nose Bleeding

7. Bring some Changes in Routine

It is obvious that if you do not take single break in your life, you will feel stressed out and might get frustrated. Hence, it is necessary to take breaks from the work at regular intervals for maintaining hood health. Instead of making you more stressed, try to take some rest. Go for a holiday with your family and friends and relax. Stress is another factor for weight gain. Instead of excess working try to exercise, this will eliminate stress from the body and mind.

8. Prevent Near Sightedness

Try to close your eyes and take a deep breath and concentrate for few seconds. This will help to relax muscle and body at the same time. This action of relaxing can keep you calm for long and contributes in maintaining your health.

9. Drink Plenty of Water

Water is necessary for body every day. People can stay without food at least for a week but to stay without water, can put your life at risk. It makes up more that 50% of human body. If you do not consume water, your body will not flush away toxins resulting in bad function. You must have at least 6-8 water glasses every day.


10. Fight Toothache

If there is extreme pain in tooth, then try to rub the ice piece on your hand back for at least 5 minutes. This will minimize the toothache problem. Do not eat sweet much, as it can damage your tooth. Make sure you brush at least twice in whole day. By taking such preventive measures, you can keep your oral clean.

11. Consider Reducing Your Caffeine Intake

If you have tendency to drink too much of caffeine then try to reduce the intake. Caffeine increases the chances of damaging the bladder. It also serves as diuretic. Hence make sure that you avoid drinking it excess.

12. Overcome the Pain of Injection

If you are scared of needles do not be, simply cough while getting the injection. According to research made, to cough during injection can minimize the pain of needle stick.

13. Green Leafy Vegetables

Try to eat natural food which contains fruits, green vegetables and whole grains. This will boost up the energy and will provide you with vitamins, protection from diseases and minerals.

Green Leafy Vegetables

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