5 Early lung cancer symptoms

5 Early lung cancer symptoms

No disease comes with a prior invitation. You need to be very careful regarding your life style and diet. Lung cancer is widely affecting people worldwide. You should keep in mind that it is important to understand the early symptoms of lung cancer, to get it cured in time. Lung cancer is not only confined to those who smoke, but can also develop in those who haven’t smoked ever. Here are some major symptoms that need to keep into consideration as soon as they are discovered:

1. A chronic cough

You should never ignore a persistent cough. Many people do not pay much attention to cough considering it to be normal. You should always keep in mind that a chronic cough can be an early symptom of lung cancer. A cough if stays for about a week is normal and may be a result of little allergy, but if your cough lasts for more than a few weeks, then it is really a matter of concern. Remember, if you see a considerable amount of blood in your cough, it needs immediate attention by a specialist. If you experience a persistent cough, then you really need to check with your doctor.

2. Loss of breath

A loss of breath while doing various activities is another symptom of lung cancer. You should not overlook it considering it to be a cause of your old age or being overweight. Whenever you notice a deficiency of breath in performing your routine activities, you need to consult a doctor before it gets too late.

3. Aching shoulder, back, chest, or arm

A continuous pain in your body, specifically in the shoulders, back, chest, or arms can be a symptom of lung cancer. If you notice a pain in any of these areas without suffering from a prior injury, then it’s high time that you consult a physician. Noticeably, body ache has been a cause of lung cancer in 50% of the people who diagnosed a lung cancer. A significant thing to notice here is that the pain increases gradually while coughing.

4. Repeated infection attack

Pay attention if you find yourself down with any particular infection, for example repeated attacks of bronchitis or pneumonia. The major cause behind these repeated infections may be persistent smoking or it may even be an early symptom of lung cancer. You should never hesitate to talk about this with your doctor. This can prevent you from bigger troubles in future.

5. A declining health

You should never ignore any unusual symptoms of any kind of health problem. You need to check with your doctor in this case. This is more particular with those who have a prior history of smoking. Any of the unusual problems like a decreased appetite or depression can also be the cause of lung cancer.

One thing that you need to keep in mind is that you can always go for a CT scan when the problem become intense, but to be on a safer side it is really important to pay attention to these early symptoms that may be prevailing in your body for long.

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