11 Tai chi exercises to get you a sizzling hot body

Tai Chi as is practiced today can be described as a combination of moving form of yoga and meditation. Most of the movements of Tai Chi are derived from the martial arts that have their roots in the natural movements of birds and animals. The movements of Tai Chi are slow and soft. People who practice Tai Chi do not even sweat while doing the exercises. Tai Chi mostly focuses on the concept of ‘chi’, a vital force in the body which is derived from the Chinese philosophy and medicine. The main aim of Tai Chi is to facilitate the circulation of this ‘chi’ in the body and enhance the health and vitality of a person. Another important aim of Tai Chi is to promote a calm and peaceful mind. Regular practice of Tai Chi will help in reducing the weight of the body and attain a good figure. Below is the list of Tai Chi exercises to reduce the flab and get a sizzling hot body.

Grasp bird’s tail

The weight of the body should be balanced on the left foot’s heal and the right foot should be brought forward in a 45-degree angle. After this, the arms of the person doing the exercise should be brought forward while rotating them in a circular motion. Now turn the whole body towards your right and while doing that bring your left foot forward. Balance your body on both your feet equally. The right palm should be pointing towards the floor and the left palm should be pointing toward the sky. Put your left foot back by putting your complete weight on it and bring your right foot up. Both the arms should be placed to your side at this time. When both your arms are being pushed towards your front bring both your feet together and balance your body weight on both feet again. This exercise is good for creating a perfect body balance and a straight posture. The exercise should be repeated for both sides of the body for at least four sets and two repetitions for each set. This exercise is not suitable for pregnant women, mothers and for people who have suffered knee injuries. They should consult a good Tai Chi trainer before they start with this exercise.

Opening and closing the circle

Before starting this exercise put both your hands in front of your chest. Make sure that both your palms are facing away from your body. Your waist should be turned to the right and there should be some distance between both your feet. Focus the body weight on the right leg and bend your body near waist in a circular motion. When your upper body is swinging downwards to the left, your total body weight should be on your left leg. In the end lift your body and come back to the original position slowly. This process should be repeated twice with three sets for each side. This exercise helps in releasing the nerves and fostering a sense of relaxation to the body. It mainly works on the lower back, upper body, abdominal and chest regions of the body. This exercise should be preferably done under the direct supervision of a trainer by the beginners.

Pushing the wave

Pushing the waves is a good Tai Chi exercise to enjoy the meditative benefits of continuously moving your body. First of all place your feet in the normal Tai Chi stance and then push forward driving your back foot into the floor and straightening your back leg. When you are pushing forward both your hands should be extended to your front at the height of your chest. Push back driving your front foot to straighten your front leg. Repeat the same for 20 to 30 times before you start working on the other side. This exercise helps in conditioning your arms and knees.

Repulse the monkey

First your right foot should be kept forward at a 60-degree angle and your total body weight should be kept on your left foot. Put your left hand on your waist and stretch your right hand. Your body weight should be shifted to your right foot when you are stretching your left foot to your toes. Pull your hands and again push with your left hand. Pull your left hand back and shift your left foot towards your body. Then bring your left foot towards your body and push your right hand while pulling your left hand back to your waist. Move your left foot at a 45-degree angle towards your body and redistribute the weight of your body towards the left foot. This whole process should be repeated as many times as possible. This exercise improves your body balance and also tones up your upper and lower body.

The crouch step

This is a simple Tai Chi exercise to tighten your glutes and tone your thighs. Start this exercise by putting your feet a shoulder-width apart and by pointing your toes outwards. Both the arms should be brought towards your chest posing as if one hand is placed on top of an imaginary ball and the other hand supporting the ball from the bottom. Your body weight should be shifted while you bend your left knee. Before returning to the original position, the position should be held for 30 seconds. Repeat the process for both sides. Another advantage is that it is suitable for most body types.

Move hands as clouds

This exercise conditions the upper and lower body with some emphasis on the hip and abdominal regions. Start this exercise by putting your feet shoulder width apart and the left arm above the right arm (both your arms should be facing left outwards from your body). Next, the hips should be twisted from your waist in the clockwise direction. The movement should be like imitating the opening of a sliding door with both your palms at the same time. Move your torso and push your palms. The position of your arms should be switched and the process should be repeated in the opposite direction. Repeat the process for three times for three sets.

San Ti Shi

This is an excellent Tai Chi exercise to tone your arms and shoulders. It also conditions your thigh and calf muscles. Being a low impact exercise, it is suitable for all body forms. Start this exercise by standing tall and pointing both your foot in the same direction. The body should be turned right in a 45-degree angle. Fist your hands by your sides and your palms facing downwards. Inhale slowly now and bring your right fist in front of your nose. Now, lower your right fist to your chest and repeat the process with your left fist. The left foot should be kept forward when you bring your left fist to your nose level. This exercise gives best results when done twice a day (morning and evening) with six repetitions.

Tai Chi Snake

This is a very important Tai Chi exercise to attain a sizzling hot body. Tai Chi Snake makes your body more flexible by dissolving the excess fat. This Tai Chi exercise gets its name as it imitates the body movement of a snake. Put your weight on your right foot and bring your left foot in front of you. Put your left hand on top and circle it towards the right twisting your spine and bringing it forward. Shift your weight to the left foot from the right and bring your right foot forward. The right hand should be on the top and rotate it in a circular direction towards the left. Inhale the air when you change your leg and exhale when you move your hands. This process should be repeated for a minimum of two sets of six repetitions for each.

Horse stance

This is an excellent Tai Chi exercise to be practiced to strengthen your thighs, hips, and calf. It also helps in improving balance and posture. Start with separating both your feet by a distance of two shoulder widths. Bend your knees to the extent that the angle between your knees and upper body is 45-degrees while keeping your back high and straight. The palms should be placed on the thighs and start doing deep breathing for 30 seconds. The number of seconds you hold your breath should be increased as you advance the practice of Tai Chi.

Waist rotations

This is another interesting Tai Chi exercise to reduce your belly fat and get a lean body. Start the exercise by placing the feet shoulder width apart. The torso should be rotated by turning the upper body to the left and placing the whole body weight on your left leg. Return to the original position by shifting the position to the opposite direction. This exercise should be repeated several time all through the day depending on your convenience.

Salute the sun

This is a very basic Tai Chi exercise which relaxes the Chi and heals body after long workouts. This exercise concentrates on breathing and helps in regulating your metabolism and increasing immunity to achieve a better body. Put your feet shoulder width apart and place your hands towards the sky in the shape of a triangle. Tilt your head back and look above through the triangular shape of your hands. Breath heavily till your stomach expands at every inhalation when you do this exercise.

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