9 Highly effective power yoga asanas

Power yoga involves a variety of yoga asanas which help in making your life healthier and stronger. The term power shows the intensity in the type of poses involved in power yoga. Yoga is something special that you do to enhance your life. It can be done anywhere and at anytime. Power yoga includes biochemical, psychological and physiological benefits.


1. Reduces stress

2. Heals your body and mind

3. Prevents you from cardiovascular diseases

4. Develops your willpower

5. Tones your muscles

6. Burns your calories

7. Gives you normal metabolic system

8. Makes your body more flexible and balancing

9. Improves eye and hand coordination

10. Decreases blood pressure

11. Gives you more efficient respiratory system

12. Increases your body steadiness

13. Gives you sound sleep

14. Decreases anxiety and depression

15. Improves memory and social skills

16. Improves your learning efficiency

17. Increases self acceptance and attention

18. Keeps your cholesterol in good condition

19. Helps increase hemoglobin

20. Helps increase lymphocyte count

The nine different poses of power yoga include

  1. Vrkasana
  2. Urdhva Mukha Svanasana
  3. Adho Mukha Svanasana
  4. Uttihita Chaturanga Dandasana
  5. Vasisthasana
  6. Virabhadrasana
  7. Tadasana
  8. Uttanasana
  9. Trikonasana


Vrkasana is also known as the tree pose. It is the basic yoga pose and it’s simple and challenging. To start with, lift your left leg up and place the feet flat on the thigh of right leg. Put both your palms together and raise your hands up slowly and take them over your head. Hold this position for a few seconds. Repeat with your other leg.


1. Increases body balance

2. Gives more concentration

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Supta Pandhakonasana

Supta Pandhakonasana is another effective pose of power yoga. It starts by lying flat on the floor. Then lift your left knee and place it close to your chest. Hold the knee with both the arms tightly and pull it down. Repeat with right knee.


1. Focuses more on concentration

2. Good for your spinal code

3. Prevents you from breathing problems





Halasana is an effective breathing exercise of power yoga. Start by keeping your body flat on the floor. Raise both your legs up and turn it to 90 degrees and touch the other end of the floor. Keep your hands flat on the floor. While doing it inhale air and keep your breath normal.


1. Prevents you from nervous dysfunctions

2. Increases digestion

3. Reduces body fat

4. Avoids constipation

5. Protects you from liver problems




Uttihita Chaturanga Dandasana

Chaturanga Dandasana is a good exercise for your shoulder. It also helps you get rid of your flabby hands. Start by standing straight then come down and place your palms flat on the floor. Then slowly pull your legs back till your body comes in parallel position to the floor. Fix only your toe on the floor and not the full feet. Here you will be balancing your full body on your toe and palms.


1. Improves body balance

2. Makes your bicep and triceps muscles.

3. Burns calories



Vasisthasana is called as a side plank pose.This needs a lot of practice, concentration and determination. The stepwise performance includes,

a. Place both your palms and feet on the floor and lift the body up.

b. Don’t place your knees on the floor.

c. Turn to one side by lifting one arm up from the floor

d. Also put one leg on top of other to make a complete side pose

Hold the pose for few seconds and repeat the steps for other side.


1. Increases shoulder strength

2. Gives more abdominal strength

3. Tones your body muscles

4. Strengthens your wrist and elbows





There are various stages of virabhadrasana.

Stage 1

a. Put your right knee forward. The lower and upper part of the knee should be in perpendicular position and fixed to the floor.

b. Stretch your left leg straight back in slanting position.

c. Then raise both your palms up slowly.

Stage 2

a. Put your left leg back in slanting position.

b. Place your feet parallel to the width of the mat

c. Stretch your right leg front in such a way that the upper and lower sections of the legs are perpendicular to each other.

d. Place your feet parallel to the length of the mat.

e. Raise your arms up straight to the level of your shoulder.

f. Keep your breath normal

Stage 3

a. Put your right leg slightly back. Fix only your toe on the floor.

b. Place your arms on your hip

c. Then slightly bend your body down and right leg up. Make it parallel to the floor by balancing

your body on left leg

d. Move your hands straight in front and hold them together.


1. Helps to get relief from back pain

2. Strengthens your abdominal muscles

3. Energizes your shoulder, chest, hip and lungs





Tadasana is also known as the mountain pose and is the most basic yoga exercise. To start put your feet close and stand with your spine straight. Later raise your arms straight up and hold your palms together.


1. Maintains the shape of your body

2. Increases body balance

3. Reduces obesity

4. Tones the body muscles

5. Prevents nervous disorders




Uttanasana is also another basic yoga pose .

Uttanasana steps are

1. Stand straight with your legs close.

2. Inhale in a normal way

3. Bend fully straight down

4. Put your lower arm at the back of your lower leg


1. Strengthens your knees and thighs

2. Reduces stress, anxiety and depression

3. Improves your digestive system

4. Strengthens your abdominal muscles





Trikonasana is the most challenging yoga exercise. It’s good for the abdominal and leg muscles.

Steps are

1. Keep your feet apart in such a way that the space in between the legs should form a triangle.

2. Keep your hands straight to the level of your shoulder

3. Bring your hip down to the side till your hand touches the floor.

4. Hold the pose for few seconds

5. Repeat the steps for both the sides


1. Burns fat at your waist

2. Increases spinal flexibility


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