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10 Myths about Hair Loss

by Dr Prem Community Writer
Hair Loss

Did you know that a person’s hair is often seen as one of their greatest physical attributes? Women spend hundreds of dollars treating, coloring, and styling their hair. While some men aren’t as interested in a perfectly styled mane, some are extremely attached to their hair. For men, hair loss signals old age. For women, it can be even more traumatic than that. But there are countless myths surrounding hair loss including its causes and treatment options. Here are 10 myths about hair loss that both men and women need to know.

  1. If Your Parents Lost Their Hair, You Will Too

 If Your Parents Lost Their Hair

While some hair loss is hereditary, just because your parents experienced thinning hair or complete baldness, doesn’t mean you will too. Some myths even specify that hair loss is determined by your mother’s side of the family, which is also false. What is true is that the genetics related to hair loss come from a mix of your family tree, not directly from your mother or father. 

  1. Washing Your Hair Can’t Cause Hair Loss 

While it’s recommended that you wash your hair every other day, washing it daily or even twice a day will not cause hair loss. The only thing it may cause is the loss of your expensive hair color, an irritated scalp, and increased water bill! Don’t be alarmed by those stray hairs that you find in the shower either. This hair loss is completely normal. In fact, women can shed between 50 and 100 hairs per day. However, losing clumps of hair is not normal and may be a sign of a more serious condition. 

  1. Excessive Hair Brushing Makes Your Hair Fall Out

Just like washing your hair, brushing your hair is actually a healthy practice and when done correctly, will not cause hair loss. If you brush your hair roughly or tug or rip at knots, you can pull hairs from your scalp that aren’t ready to fall out. But even then, those hairs will grow back. 

  1. Stress Causes Hair Loss 

This is a surprising hair loss myth. Many people believe that stress can cause your hair to fall out. Stress alone will not cause hair loss. It can cause a long list of other health complications, but it won’t make your hair fall out. Or at least not permanently. Stress, which causes hormonal imbalances, can cause temporary hair loss but it will not cause permanent loss and isn’t attributed to male pattern baldness (MPB). 

  1. There is No Cure for Hair Loss

 There-is-No-Cure-for-Hair-LossIf you are experiencing hair loss, whether its temporary or permanent, don’t be fooled into thinking there’s no cure. While certain causes of hair loss cannot be prevented, they are manageable. There are topical treatments available, as well as prescription medications. For some conditions, laser hair restoration and hair transplants are the best option. 

  1. If You Cut Your Hair Often, It Will Grow Faster and Thicker 

This is a longstanding myth for hair growth in general. That if you either cut or shave your hair, that it will grow back faster and thicker. This isn’t true whether you’re discussing the hair on your legs, underarms, or head. Cutting your thinning hair will not rectify the problem. Because the hair is already dead, cutting it won’t do anything. However, shorter hairstyles for those individuals with thinning hair may create the illusion of a thicker, fuller head of hair. 

  1. Certain Products Increase Follicle Production

 Certain Products Increase Follicle ProductionHair follicles are the sheath of cells and connective tissue that surround the root of the hair. While some hair restoration products and treatments claim to generate new follicles, this is not true. In fact, it’s impossible. What some treatments do is take existing follicles and replace them elsewhere. This is done to help promote hair growth in areas where you’re experiencing baldness or thinning. 

  1. Everyone Will Know if You Use Hair Restoration Methods 

If your fear is that using hair restoration, transplants or even medication will place a giant bulls eye on your head and everyone will know that you’re suffering from hair loss, take a breath. No one will know! Not all hair restoration procedures are obvious. Older hair loss treatments including hair plugs, were relatively obvious to the naked eye. But with many advancements in hair restoration and treatments by canadianhair.ca, no one will know that you’ve undergone a procedure unless you choose to tell them.

  1. Everyone Loses Their Hair With Age

 Everyone Loses Their Hair With AgeWhile hair loss is often attributed to aging, it doesn’t mean that the two go hand in hand. Just because you get older doesn’t automatically mean you’ll experience hair loss or even thinning hair. MPB can actually start as early as age 20 in some men. The good news is that following initial hair loss in some men, the process actually slows as they grow older. The opposite is true for women, where hair loss may actually increase following menopause. 

  1. Sunshine Causes Hair Loss 

Considering how good vitamin D is for the rest of your body, who would think sunshine may actually be unhealthy for your hair? The truth is, it’s not! Some people attribute hair loss to SPF rays because of the damage they can do to your skin. While you may experience sunburn on your scalp, intense sun rays will not cause your hair to fall out. The same holds true for tanning beds. While overexposure to sunlight (either natural or artificial) can cause health complications, vitamin D actually promotes healthy hair growth.

With over 50 million individuals suffering from some type of hair loss, it’s an extremely common and treatable condition. But that doesn’t make it any less troublesome for those affected. Hair loss doesn’t discriminate in terms of sex either, with 35 million men and 21 million women dealing with it in some form or another. But before you can determine the cause of your hair loss and seek medical treatment, you need to see past myths like these.

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