10 Kidney disease symptoms

Swollen legs

Kidney is an important organ in our body, operating the task of cleansing the blood. This makes it the most vulnerable organ after lungs. What is worse is this organ’s disease is not realized by the person, until it is too late. One of the most lethal diseases, chronic kidney disease (CKD) takes years to evolve, resulting in kidney failure. Knowing symptoms of the disease is the best way to become aware of the kidney’s failing health.

1. Change in urination

As the kidneys create urine, the latter is the first to show the signs of change, such as

a. Urination at unusual timings, such as late nights

b. Blood in urine

c. Painful experience while urinating

d. Change in urine-color to darker or paler shades

e. Urination in larger or smaller quantity than usual

f. Difficulty in passing urine

2. Swelling in the body

As the kidneys start to malfunction, wastes and extra water from the body cannot be removed from the system. This leads to their accumulation in the body, causing swellings in the body parts, such as hands, legs and feet. This may not be a prominent symptom, but is a noticeable one.

3. Fatigue

Red Blood Cell-formation is controlled by a hormone named erythropoietin, produced by the kidneys. When the kidneys are affected, RBC-production goes down, leading to transportation of lesser oxygen all over the body. Due to the lack of the element, muscles and tissues become tired quicker than usual, even after performing lesser tasks.

4. Skin Rash

As the wastes are accumulated in the body due to the malfunctioning of kidneys, rashes appear on the skin, leading to severe change in skin nature and texture, and with intense itching sensation.

5. Change in taste

Accumulation of wastes can also affect taste. People affected by the kidney disease are found to stop enjoying food due to hint of metallic taste in their mouth. This leads to unhealthy weight loss and weakening of the body. They also cause bad breath in the patients.

6. Nausea and vomiting

Due to wastes accumulating in the body, the body tries to eject them from the system through other means. Also, these wastes tend to irritate other organs. These lead to vomiting. Due to loss of appetite and intense body-weakening, nausea is another common symptom that occurs in these individuals.

7. Difficulty in breathing

An attack on the kidneys can severely affect the breathing pattern. The excess fluid in the body starts to make for the lungs. Coupled with the lack of RBCs in the body, the body starts to starve for oxygen, which is indicated by short breaths. Some patients have complained of the problem after performing simple daily activities, such as short-distance walking.

8. Feeling Cold

The kidney malfunction can also lead to cold sensation even in warm weather. Cases have been reported of the patients shivering in warm climate.

9. Lack of concentration

Due to the oxygen-deprived brain, the man starts to find difficulty in concentrating on things. The affected brain also causes dizziness and, in many cases, unconsciousness.

10. Leg/Flank Pain

Due to the affected kidney, pain is felt in the back, side or legs. Sometimes, this pain becomes severe enough to leave the man incapable of moving and withering in pain.

As one can see from above, kidney disease can cause problems to the whole body, though only one organ is attacked. It becomes worse when left untreated. So, it is advisable to consult a doctor as soon as possible when these symptoms arise.

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