What is spiritual well being and how to maintain it?


Spirituality is finding deeper meaning of life being connected with our mind. It guides you to connect with each and everybody around you. It essentially does not mean an avenue to get closer to divinity though it helps you to connect with higher power.

spiritual-well-beingSpiritual well being is essential in our life that slowly drifts us from chaos to clarity enabling us to achieve a better vision of our life goals. We don several hats in a day that leaves us worked up at the end. But if we can induce spirituality into everything or in every mundane task that we perform, we get to understand a better meaning of life and grow as an individual.

Spirituality is not only having faith in God but is also the power that teaches us to have faith in everybody connected with us. Truly, all days cannot be the same, but a spiritual bent of mind will help us accept an off day as a gift, not punishment.

Spiritual well being – a contemplative practice:

It is all about how well we are connected with our inner self and the outer world integrating our relationship with other human beings and the environment. It entails a positive engagement with everything surrounding us.

This connectedness gets snapped as we switch over from one task to another without taking a breath.  We get driven by life’s demands and craziness. We lose our vision and direction and slip into a state of restlessness. Spiritual well being is important to reinstate our inner stability allowing us to refocus on future challenges and objectives. This needs practice.

How to maintain spiritual wellbeing in spite of remaining occupied?

Here are the following ways by which you can maintain the health of spirit.

1.     Meditation:


Practice meditation every day at least for a few minutes. This will help you in maintaining focus and remain grounded. The benefits of meditation are endless. You create space for self-reflection and gain awareness.

It shields you from stress, makes you calmer and well prepared to take on any happening of the day. You need to be consistent with your schedule. A regular session or few minutes is far more effective than a long session 2-3 times a week.

2.     Praying:

PrayingPraying enhances your spiritual wellbeing regardless of your faith in God. It is almost another way of meditation. As we pray, we get more connected with ourselves and the objective of your lives.

It gives way to expressing your gratitude. Submitting your anxieties and worries to God gives a sense of relief. Even if you are an atheist, praying helps in driving your thoughts and actions in a more concerted manner.

3.     Be honest:

Be honestWe often commit too many things without assessing our abilities causing a dint in our integrity. It is not our intention to fail others but lack of self-awareness and disarrayed thoughts. Try to be honest in your words and deeds and never ever be deceitful.

How often do you lie? If it is very often, then there is something wrong with you. Being deceitful affects your well being first. Admitting our own faults and any wrong deed helps in self-development and enhances our spiritual well being.

4.     Practice reading:

Woman reading bookA regular habit of reading uplifts your spiritual wellness. Most of the successful people that we see around us are habituated with reading. It need not be a spiritual text; any meaningful text can serve the purpose. Often some quotations or devotional texts can bring out a new meaning to our lives.

5.     Practice gratitude:

Practice gratitudePracticing gratitude can change your view towards life making it more acceptable. You can express your gratitude for being alive and start a new day with a fresh mind. You practice gratitude by appreciating things that life has gifted to you, the cozy nest, delicious food and family comfort.

When you open your eyes in the morning, thank God or the universe for gifting you the unique experience of life.  Make a habit of noting down these simple things in a gratitude journal. This will set a good example for your kids as well to practice gratitude at an early age.

6.     Spend some time with nature:

One with NatureAn occasional exploration of nature whether it is on the beach side or in deep woods or in hiking trails, spending time with nature helps in maintaining your spiritual wellbeing. You can be yourself only in the lap of nature. No sound, no chaos and you are into an absolute bliss.

7.     Be non-violent in your communication:

violent in communication

Shouting, yelling, losing temper, venting out frustrations on others and using toxic words do not reflect spiritual wellness. It is a sheer display of your weakness. Practice maintaining a calm tone and use different words to express your dissatisfaction.

8.     Respect other’s space:
Respect others

Respect others and their space better than you would do for yourself. If you have borrowed something, return it on time before it has been asked for. If you use other’s space, maintain it better than yours.

Spiritual wellbeing in your workplace:

Spiritual wellbeing in your workplace

Spirituality can be nurtured in the workplace also where the employees and organizations view work as a spiritual journey. Everybody has an opportunity to grow and bloom and leave some meaningful contributions to society.

Organizations cannot bring in religion and god in the name of spirituality but care, compassion and lending the helping hand to each other in need can definitely foster spiritual wellness in the workplace.

If you think deeply, you would find out that lack of spirituality often contributes more to the miseries of an organization. The sense of belonging is missing. Workers, employees and organizations do not connect with each other.

The core values of spiritual wellness stem from ethics, motivation and work-life balance and leadership qualities of an organization. Organizations inclined towards spiritual wellness are concerned with helping employees grow to their full potential. They also go a step further in addressing their work-life conflicts.

How an organization can encourage spiritual well being?

spiritual journey.

  • Allowing a specific time for meditation especially at the beginning of meetings.
  • Allocating a specific time for spiritual training.
  • Providing suitable spaces for prayer.
  • Asking questions where the organization’s actions can serve a higher purpose.
  • Arranging bereavement programs.
  • Special programs for employee assistance.
  • Encouraging the practice to serve others before self.
  • Establishing leadership practices that promote the growth and wellbeing of other mates.

The health of spirit is not separable from the physical health. Spiritual practices not only make you a better person over time but also help in faster healing from any mental or physical trauma.

Dwelling in an era that favors commercialism and materialism, it is not always possible to keep your soul nourished with the right inputs. Therefore, you will have to make time to feed and nurture your spiritual development making it your ultimate guide to life.

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