Welts and its Treatment

Angioedema is a disease in which swelling occurs beneath the skin. When this swelling is on the surface of the skin, it is also called hives or melts. This swelling is found beneath the skin. Thus welts are the raised skin areas which have a fluid build up beneath the surface of the skin. The area is many-a-times red in coloration and also itchy. Leading causative factors of welts include allergic reactions, insect bites and infections. These causes manifest themselves on the body in the form of blotches, rash or pimple-like marks which gradually spreads through out the body. The skin reacts by wanes and waxes and these welts marks show up suddenly and then disappear.

Welts can be severe with increased itching to the swelled parts of the skin. Welts must be treated in their initial stages because when left untreated they have serious dangerous consequences for the body. The treatment of welts can also be done at home.


1. One should avoid visiting places where he had initial welt signs. One should also try to avoid contact with insects and materials which cause welts. Try to remember where you were, what insects and materials you came in contact with when you had welts. Abandon contact completely with such materials and insects and do not visit such places.

2. Antihistamines are the most favored drugs for treating welts. You do need a prescription for availing them and they can be easily purchased over the counter on any medical store. A single dose of antihistamine can reduce the symptoms and provide you relief.

3. Topical creams are also found to be useful for treating welts. The topical creams contain menthol, camphor, diphenylhydramine, pramoxine which are ideal for treating welts and reducing itching. Thus, the application of topical creams on the welts occurring areas can provide instant relief from swelling and itching.

4. For reducing skin irritation, always wear loose clothes. Tight fitted cloths and dresses do not provide skin respiration and make the itching worse.

5. For instant relief from swelling and itching, apply cold compresses. The application of cold compresses gives a soothing feeling to the welts occurring areas, and is an ideal measure for reducing itching faster.

6. Get the doctor’s appointment. If the welts do not go and there is no reduction in swelling and itching, the doctor might inject adrenaline or epinephrine in your circulatory system or might also prescribe you stronger antihistamincs and skin lotions.

Things to watch out for

Visit a health care facility, if the itching and swelling do not get subsidized.

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