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With the smart phones all around you, losing weight or staying healthy can be a lot easier than before. You may be a fitness freak, a conscious eater or a foodie trying to lose weight. Food apps available on the smart phones have it all. The latest food apps have a great variety of features that can be used from getting cooking ideas or shopping aid to healthy eat-out options as well.

Most of the apps are easy to download on your smart phones and can be conveniently used as required. There are applications that are specially designed for a specific purpose like cooking ideas, recipes, calorie counters, etc. Many of them provide with multiple features and you can choose the one that suits you the best. So making smart food decisions are now in your hand.


You can use

Shopping – You can use these apps to create and maintain a grocery list of your own or as per a chosen recipe. You can scan the products available at the store and check the calories, nutritional value, ingredients and get a nutritional advice when required. It also provides help in finding ingredients that you may be allergic to and will want to avoid.

Cooking – When cooking at home is your choice you can rely on the food and cooking apps for the best of the cooking methods. You can use these apps to count your calorie requirement, plan your diet regimen and also get advice from an expert. These apps can also provide you with healthy ways of cooking that can add to your healthy diet.


Recipes – Most of the food and recipes app give you the most exciting recipes that you can relish without feeling bad about it. You can use the calorie counter and find recipes according to your needs that range from breakfast ideas, snacks, lunch packs and dinner. You can also get innovative ideas for preparing soups, salads, smoothies and juices.

Eating out – When you choose to eat out these food apps can still be around you. You can choose the dish of your choice and match them with your calorie requirements. You can also use eat –out apps to get various healthy options as per your need and taste.

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