Treating bruises at home

Bruise on the Skin

A bruise, also known as a hematoma or a contusion, is a condition which is caused when one bumps onto a hard surface. This trauma to the skin causes the blood vessels underneath to get crushed, which in turn leads to the leakage and spread of blood, thereby causing the area to turn to a shade of purple or red.

Bruises often accompany children as they are prone to bump around a lot while playing. Also, the deficiency of vitamin C causes the thinning of the blood vessels, thus making them fragile and more prone to breakage. Owing to this reason, people who suffer from a severe vitamin C deficiency are seen to bruise their skin, even when they are not subjected to any sort physical injury. In such a case you should seek immediate medical help to overcome vitamin deficiency.

Depending on the severity of the injury, a bruise will take around 2 to 3 weeks to heal completely. When the healing occurs, the affected area will turn to a shade of greenish yellow. In order to promote the quick healing of the bruises, one can follow many methods. Here are some easy tips for treating a bruise at home.

1. Application of Hot and Cold Compresses

If you have bruised yourself, the first thing to be done is to apply an ice pack over the affected area. The effect of ice will help in the constriction of the injured blood vessel, thereby reducing the swelling and pain in the affected area. After 24 hours of applying the cold compress, you can apply a heat pad on the bruise, to dilate the blood vessels, increase the blood circulation and to promote faster healing of the injury.

If your kids resist the application of hot and cold compresses, then you can very well substitute the treatment by applying margarine on the bruise.

2. Use Topical Creams

Along with the application of hot and cold packs, one should apply topical medicated creams on the bruised area. The action of these creams will prevent the occurrence of infections in the affected areas and will also ensure that the injury heals in a quick manner.

Using topical creams containing vitamin C will promote collagen formation and will help in the quick repair of the bruised blood vessels. Meanwhile, medicated creams containing vitamin K act by promoting the formation of blood clots and thereby preventing skin discoloration. Application of a topical cream containing zinc will also help in quick wound healing. Instead of using zinc creams, one can also have around a daily dosage of 50 to 100 mg of zinc supplements for this purpose.

3. Try out Herbal Remedies

In order to bring about a quick healing of a bruise, one can try out many herbal remedies. One such herbal remedy suggests that you apply an antiseptic infusion made from chamomile, yarrow, and arnica. Another method is to dip a cloth in arnica oil and then bandage it around the bruise. You can also treat the bruise by applying the oil of the herb St Johns Wort. The antibacterial and astringent properties of this herb will ensure that the bruise is healed quikly.

Witch hazel is another herb which can help in the quick healing of the bruise, owing to its antiseptic and anti inflammatory properties. Another method of treatment suggests that one steep the flowers of mullein in olive oil and then apply it on the wounded area. Crushed parsley, which is rich in vitamins can also be applied on the bruise, to prevent infections and skin discolorations

4. Remedies from the Kitchen

Many people will be unaware of the fact that a bruise can be treated with the help of the ingredients from your kitchen cupboard. Application of withered cabbage leaves on the bruise is an effective way to deal with the wound. If the wound is smooth, without any breakage, then raw onion can be rubbed on it as a healing measure. Using a poultice of mustard on the wounds will also provide relief. It will help in drawing blood away from the wound, thus accelerating the healing process.

To prevent skin discoloration caused by bruises and to fasten the healing process, one can also apply a solution of apple cider vinegar on the wound. To promote healing of the bruise, you can also melt Vaseline and mix it with cayenne pepper and apply it on the bruises on a daily basis.

Thus, by following the above mentioned home remedies for bruises, you will be able to tackle the wound in an effective manner and will also be able to prevent the occurrence of further complications.

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