Tips to build your immune system when you are on constant medication


When a person is diagnosed with a particular condition, it is natural that they would have to undergo constant treatment for the prevention or management of the condition. Along with that, you also have to follow the various other suggestions and recommendations that your doctor gives you. We all know that constant medicines can take a toll on our body, not only does it leads to various side effects, but overall it can weaken the body’s immune system.

The body’s defense systems are down and invaders are in


A weak immune system is a pathway for various kinds of other diseases which can also be life threatening. This is why, you need to make it a point that even if you are taking medicines contentiously, you must work towards strengthening your immune system in every way possible.

The immune system is the defense system of the body. The reason why we can actually fight any kind of disease is due to this one factor. However, when this goes down, the body’s natural ability to fight reduces. This in turn gives a chance for other health complications to rise, due to the virus or bacteria that invade our body.

Natural and effective ways to boost your immunity


While multivitamins and various other supplements are there in the market that can help you boost your immune system, however, these are all chemical based and will not give you the actual boost that you need. Instead, you do have natural ways that are more effective, and although it may be a slow process, it can work well for you in other ways. Just by following these few natural steps, you will find a big difference in how you feel, and it will also increase the overall strength of your body. Here are some ways that you can use for making your immune system strong.

Get enough sleep


Getting enough sleep is not only meant for giving your body and mind the rest that it needs, however, somehow it is also linked with boosting your immune system. Scientists and experts are still trying to find out how sleep can actually boost their immune system, but the fact is that you need to get at least 7 -9 hours of proper sleep.

Keep yourself physically active

active woman

Another way that you can make your immune system strong is by working out or doing some kind of physical activity. It does not mean that you have to go and spend hours in gym. Even half an hour in a day is good enough to help your immune regain its strength.  Even on this front, researchers are trying to understand the actual link between exercising and boosting the immunity, but for now, the point is that it does help a person out.

Focus on your diet

Mediterranean diet

Yes, this is a known fact that there are some foods that are blessed with the boon of boosting the immunity of the body. Incorporating these foods on a daily basis can work miracles. A simple dish like chicken soup or even a clove of garlic can do miracles for the body’s immunity.

Do not isolate yourself


Apart from the fact that having a good social life is a good way to maintain your emotional and spiritual health, it is also a perfect way to boost the immunity of your body. Studies have shown that people who do not associate much or who do not have a social life have weaker immune systems than those who go out.

Laugh it out and laugh out loud



There is a reason why they say that laughter is the best medicine. This not only helps to release the stress and tension that you have but also boosts the infection fighting white cells of the body. This in turn can have a good effect on your immune system.

Avoid alcohol and drugs

avoid alcohol

Drugs and alcohol can equally affect your immune system in many ways. Although it is fine to drink occasionally, but you should make sure that, you do not over do it. Even when you do drink, for women it is recommended that they have just one drink while men can go up to two drinks at a time.

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