Things to avoid when looking for rehab in Florida

Unfortunately, there is one thing you will find in many Florida drug rehabs: a dark side. The Sunshine State has become the capitol for drug and alcohol recovery centers. There has been much debate as to why so many people decide to get treatment for their addiction in Florida.


First of all, the weather is perfect during the entire year. This is often viewed as a contributing factor. Being able to be outside and do activities in nice weather improves the mood of addicts and helps them with their recovery.


It is important that you enter the rehab process with your eyes wide open. There are several pitfalls that many addicts fall into when they are trying to get better. Here are some of the things to avoid during rehab in Florida.

1. Unlicensed staff

It is essential that you are cared for by people with a high level of training. However, many of the people who are currently working at rehabs in Florida do not have a valid license. This means that they have not received the proper training in order to provide you with the best care during your recovery.


Many addicts make the mistake of assuming that the staff of every rehab facility is qualified. They assume this because logic says these people would not be able to get a job in such a place without the proper credentials. The sad truth is that there are many Florida rehab facilities that are run by dishonest people who are just trying to make a quick buck.


It is up to you to properly screen the staff of any rehab facility you are thinking about attending. Make sure the staff has the proper credentials before you check yourself in.

2. Unsanitary facilities

One of the things that you need to pay very close attention to when you are taking a tour of a drug and alcohol rehab facility is the level of cleanliness. You need to remember that this is the place where you will be living for several weeks.


You want the entire facility to be clean and sanitary. This is very important because your immune system may become much weaker during the detox process. This could make you more susceptible to becoming sick if you are living in an environment that is not very clean.


Find a rehab facility that takes pride in the appearance of their building. Closely inspect the cafeteria and the rooms where patients sleep. You should move on to a different rehab facility if it does not look like these areas are cleaned on a regular basis.

3. Lowered self-esteem

It is no secret that there are many beautiful people who live in Florida. Going to the beach every day during your treatment might lower your self-esteem as you watch genetically perfect people have fun in the sun.


You need to ignore these types of distractions that could sabotage your recovery. There is a blog post called “How Recovery Taught Me to Love My Body” by Rose Landes that has been an inspiration to many recovering addicts.


Basically, you need to appreciate the body you have been blessed with. You should not abuse it any further by poisoning it with drugs or alcohol. Your physical appearance and self-esteem will improve as you move forward in your recovery.

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4. Inadequate transitional living facilities

A transitional living facility is another name for the place where addicts live while they are in recovery. However, these transitional living facilities were not regulated in Florida for a very long time.


The huge demand for housing for recovering addicts caused many Florida residents to see an easy way to make money. They simply rented a room to an addict and called it a transitional living facility. Many of these places did not provide the addict with the sober environment they need to succeed in their recovery.


Many people who rented rooms to addicts were also paying kickbacks to recovery centers in order to get patients referred to them. You need to make sure that the transitional living facility that you decide to use has been properly accredited.

5. No aftercare program

One of the most essential components of the rehab process is the aftercare program. This is designed to help the patients stay clean and sober after their treatment has ended. Many Florida rehab facilities have been criticized for their lack of an adequate aftercare program. Make sure you choose a rehab facility that has a comprehensive aftercare program.


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