At-home spa recipes for puffy eyes

Home remedies for puffy eyes

There are number of factors that cause puffy eyes. Some of which are physical exhaustion, hormonal problems, medical side effects, fluid retention, allergies, facial massage, aging, oversleeping and also diet. Such eyes are more of a cosmetic concern. At times, prolonged puffy eyes signal underlying health problem and may need medical intervention. Changes to lifestyle helps to reduce the puffiness. Simple home remedies can be followed to add that sparkle back to the eyes. These are easy and are quite effective.


Cut two slices of cucumber about ½ inch thick and place in ice cold water. Wash face with normal water and then place these slice of cucumber on the eyes for ten minutes. Cucumber has high water and moisture content which helps in soothing the eyes. It thereby reduces the puffiness of the eyes. They are also known to contain material that combats irritation which helps to deflate the skin around the eyes. Repeat the process, if required. Cucumbers not only relieve eyes of puffiness but also can effectively reduce dark circle.

Tea bags

Treat the annoying puffy eyes with Green Tea Bags. Simply brew two green tea bags, cool it and apply it on the eyes as a compress for about 10 minutes. The stronger the tea is, more it is effective in reducing the puffiness. High quality tea bags have maximum anti oxidant properties which is quite useful in treating those dull eyes. Ensure that when the tea bag is applied on eyes, it is slightly dry since there are chances of tea getting into your eyes which can irritate them. There are also herbal tea bags that can be used to reduce dark circles as well.

Frozen peas

Anything that is cold helps to reduce any type of body swelling including the eyes. Since peas are tiny, they easily settle around the area to form a mold. Remove the frozen bag of peas and thaw it for ten minutes. Place the cold bag of peas on the eyes and sit for ten to fifteen minutes.

Cold cast

Soak clean soft cloth in cold water. Place it on the eyes to reduce the swelling of the eyes. The cold water constricts the blood vessels near the eyes which help in reducing puffiness. Another way is to wet the cloth and let it refrigerate for few minutes to achieve coldness. Gently put the compress over the eyes. This compress works temporarily for a short period of time.

Reduce salt intake

Salt intake encourages fluid retention in the body which is one of the prime causes for puffy eyes. For a permanent solution to reduce swelling of eyes, it is necessary that the person makes conscious diet choice that has low salt. This directly reduces fluid retention as well as puffiness. Focus on diet that is low on salt and increase the intake of fruits and vegetables that act as diuretics – such as cranberry juice or cabbage. Bananas and raisins are also great snacks that can keep puffy eyes at bay.

Sufficient water and sleep

If the eyes are too tired or exhausted, it directly shows on the eyes with puffiness. The eyes require sufficient rest from all the stress that it endures throughout the day. It is therefore necessary that a person should take enough rest to reduce puffiness. It also helps to support the head with a good pillow which prevents accumulation of fluids under the eyes. This significantly reduces swelling near the eyes. Dehydration is another cause for swelling of the eyes. Staying away from alcohol and keeping the body hydrated with good amounts of water is another tip to keep away puffy eyes. Choose healthy drinks such as fresh fruit juice over caffeinated drinks.


This vegetable works great on puffy eyes. This has anti inflammatory properties that soothe headache, painful joints and other inflammatory body conditions. Take a potato, wash and grate it as finely as possible without its skin. Make a poultice of a clean cloth and put the potato pulp in it. Place this potato poultice on the eyes for about fifteen minutes to reduce inflammation.

Salt solution

Salt in the diet aggravates puffiness where as salt applied on eyes are good to reduce puffiness. Mix ½ teaspoon of salt into 1 quart of warm water. Dip clean cotton balls into this salt water solution and apply them on the eyes. Lie down with these pads for about 10 minutes. Repeat this application for about 3 to 4 times as required.

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