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Snoring: Symptoms

Top Symptoms

1. Loss of memory and improper concentration

This is a symptom which gains weight gradually. As snoring gains its intensity in a particular person, he starts facing memory loss as well as other problems related to mental application in doing various kinds of activities. The loss of concentration occurs because the mind is that part of the body that is most affected by snoring and yet its effect can be experienced only indirectly.

2. Short temper and anxiety

Loss of temper can be a common sign of persons who snore while sleeping. This generally occurs because breathing is not proper while sleeping and thus the body and the mind are not able to relax in an effective manner. If you find anyone yelling at you unnecessarily, you may consider it as a symptom of snoring.

3. Loss of libido

Libido refers to the inner drive of a person to work. It is mostly referred to in cases of sexual desire. If your partner shows signs of inconvenience on being asked for sex, it may refer to the loss of libido which can gain intensity gradually and the person may refrain from sexual desires and energy for doing work, as time passes.

4. A feeling of irritation

As it sound obvious, a person who is not able to have a good sleep in the night because of snoring, would be emotionally imbalanced and thus it would result in irritation in the behavior of that person. If snoring is caused by drinking alcohol before sleep or smoking, just before sleeping, then the intensity of irritation may be higher as compared to normal irritation in behavior.

5. Headache and a heavy mind

When a person snores in the night, the sleep gets disturbed and thus the mind is not provided with enough rest which, in turn, leads to the feeling of pressure on the mind. The headache can occur as soon as the person gets up in the morning or may trouble him during the daytime when he is trying to do some mental work that involves application of mind frequently.

6. Sleep apnea

While the person affected from snoring is sleeping, his breathing process may stop for a period of around ten seconds and thus the breathing may occur in intervals, rather than being a continuous process. A gasping sound is heard when the breathing stops for some seconds while sleeping and thus you can make out from this sound that the person suffers from sleep apnea. After a short break, the snoring again starts. This process continues like a cycle and is followed by snoring while sleeping. This is an uncommon occurrence in people who snore and not everyone who snores can be judged to be suffering from sleep apnea.

7. A feeling of tiredness during daytime

The persons who snore on a regular basis feel like their body is heavy and is demanding rest even after a little work. Also, they are not able to work effectively because their efficiency of doing work decreases because of snoring. Slowly as people start snoring on a regular basis and it is not taken care of, then the fatigue problem may worsen and lead to greater levels of inefficiency in the person who snores.

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