Snoring Real Stories

Snoring: Real Stories

Real stories are personal stories shared by members of the DIYHealth community. These are stories of hope and triumph over a medical condition, inspiring us to stay the course.

Top Real Stories

1. CPAP did wonders

For two months now, I have been staying with my boyfriend. There was no problem initially but these days, I find it very difficult to sleep next to him because of his loud snoring. Since it takes some time for me to doze off, I have to go through his snoring for some time. It keeps waking me up several times. I find it very difficult to wake up early and get ready for work. I tried everything like pushing, nudging and sleeping in different positions. Nothing helped. Finally, we visited the doctor who suggested using the CPAP machine. Since then, both of us are able to sleep well.

2. That annoying night

I never knew that sleeping with someone who is snoring next to you can be so annoying. But, if the snoring is feeble, it will not affect your sleep. This was my sister in law, whom I had to share the room once at home. Her loud and continuous snoring drove me mad and kept awakening me in every couple of hours. I even tried to push her head to the side and punch her arm to wake her up and stop her snoring. It was one of the worst nights that I ever had. When I told about this experience to my friends, they told me about a home remedy, eating raw garlic. I should tell this to my sister in law. Hope this helps her.

3. I wish snoring never existed

It has been quite difficult for me these days as I have to wait for my husband’s snoring stage to be over, before I can lie down next to him. This usually takes 2-3 hours after he goes to sleep. What I prefer to do at that time is to go to the next room and listen to my favorite music. Although this leaves me tired in the morning, it is very difficult to escape from the snoring that gets louder and louder with each passing day. My friend has suggested using the CPAP machine. And yes, it has worked wonders. We both sleep cuddled up together and his snoring has simply vanished.

4. Weight loss is the key

I have been sleeping on the sofa downstairs away from my husband and kids for the past two years. My snoring is so loud that it made my partner run to the next room. My kids were also not able to sleep well. My disruptive sleeps leave me tired and I find it very difficult to cope with my archaeology classes in the morning. My doctor told me that I am slightly overweight. My snoring could get better if I could reduce a couple of pounds. I tried various sleeping aids like nasal sprays and strips. But I did not find any change. My snoring may diminish only if I lose weight. I am getting ready to take up serious measures to lose weight and get rid of snoring.

5. A medicine that made my married life happy

I have been snoring and causing a lot of disturbance to my wife. Since I had a worsening back pain, I had to lie down flat on bed. Though I did not realize the affect of my snoring, I began to get worried when I saw my wife trying to adjust. Eventually, she shifted to another room saying that she could not bear the snoring. It caused a lot of embarrassment and she could not sleep well. I am much better now after using asonor. It has made a lot of difference in my sleeping habits as well as my wife’s. She says that my snoring has greatly reduced. I am so grateful to this particular medication which has boosted my confidence level greatly.

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