Simple Stretching Exercises That Will Cure Your Headache In No Time

Fret not regular sufferers of headache! There are a million solutions to your problems! There is no need to pop a pill all the time. A few things can help solve a million problems including headache.

It will surprise you that relieving muscles of your upper neck can also help you relieve your headache. If not, try also relieving the muscles of your spine.  This kind of pain is very common amongst people who have a desk job. Thankfully, a few stretching exercise can help soothe your muscles which will lead to the disappearance of the headache.

Causes of Headache


More often than not, it is the muscles of the head and the neck that are responsible for the headache. A tension in the spine could also be responsible for the same. In some cases, the chemicals in the blood vessels could be the ones responsible. If there are knots or any kind of tension in all these muscles, it can very much cause a headache.

How stretches for headache work?

Neck ache

Stretches are the ones responsible for loosening of your joints. Most of the times, the tension in the head is due to improper chemical balance in the nerves. This results into stiffness in the neck because the signals of tension in the nervous system are sent straight away to the neck.

The resultant headache is morbid. In order to free yourself of the headache, you must free yourself of the chemical imbalance in the nerves. While there are numerous methods such as heat massage or cooling massage, stretching is definitely one of the best ways out.

Stretches that will Gradually Destroy your Headache


It will sometimes surprise you how some of the simple stretches will help you relieve your headache. Here are a few of them –

  • Tuck your Chin

Bend your chin towards your chest such that you feel a pull in the back of the neck. Stay in that position for a while. Keep doing this for a while.

  • Cervical Stretch

Sporty young woman bending sitting on the floor

Once again, bend your chin towards your chest until you feel a pull in the neck and then turn your heard to one side. Repeat with the other side. Use the opposite hand of the head turn in order to push your neck a little forward. Ideally, you should feel the stretch at the back of your neck beneath your fingers. Stay in that posture for a while and then repeat it with the other side. Each side should be exercised thus at least 5 times.

  • The Flex

Support yourself with the left hand and use your right hand to touch your left ear. Tilt your head towards the right such that you feel a strong stretch on the left side. Stay in that position for about 30 seconds before changing sides. Do the drill a minimum of 3 times.

  • Rotate your Cervix

Turn left and look afar, hold position as soon as you feel the stretch. Do the same for the other side. This is a very simple exercise and should be done at least 3 times. This will relieve your neck joints to quite an extent.

  • Roll the Shoulder

Roll your shoulders forward and then backwards. This will loosen all the tension in the muscle and help you relax.

Indulge in these simple stretches on a regular basis and your headaches will soon be a thing of the past. Combining these stretches with things such as good posture, improvised flexibility, less stress can do wonders for your bodily functions. It can also help you stay in shape.

However, if the stretches aren’t working for you, then you definitely should see a doctor or a physiotherapist. They will be able to figure out the dysfunctional area and sort you out very easily. Yet, more often than not, these stretches will be more than enough to solve your problem.

Other Forms of Stretches

Woman doing yoga poses isolated on white background

Simple stretches such as cross touching your toes with your hands, or indulging into yoga postures can also help you go a long way. After all, today’s lives are stressful and hence, it is difficult to avoid neck stiffness altogether. However, one can always find ways to do away with the stress altogether.

Often, headaches are caused due to stiffness in the muscles of the neck. Relieving the stiffness with a few simple stretches can also cure you of your headache.

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