Sick-proof your winter

Healthy winter

You usually come across cold, flu and fever every winter. Children are more susceptible to the virus and bacteria causing aforementioned health issues. So, it is very important to protect you and your child from all these sicknesses during winter. Here are the tips to sick-proof your winter.

1. Eat yogurt

Yogurt is smooth and creamy and is also loaded with flavor. It is the best food that you may be craving. Research found that a carton of yogurt can help protect you from disease like osteoporosis. It can also reduce your risk of getting high BP. Yogurt even cures gastrointestinal conditions like constipation and bowel diseases. Buy yogurt that is low in sugar and high in vitamin D and active cultures.

2. Avoid heartburn in holidays

In order to avoid heartburn, eat your favorite food only in moderation. Food that is packed with fat and sugar are sure to give you heart burn. Do not sleep after you eat. It may trigger the acid reflux. Keep your head elevated than your tummy. Have a stroll after you eat to prevent heartburn.

3. Say bye to cold sores

Cold sores arise due to insufficient sleep, excessive sugar or alcohol, stress, and intimate physical contacts. Do not dig in the holiday goodies. Eat healthy. Sleep well. Forget not to wash your hands. Do not share food plates or drinking glasses. Throw away the tissues you have used. All these might free you from getting cold sores.

4. Do meditation

The effort of focusing on your breathing, expelling thoughts and repeating a single phrase or word may boost up your body’s natural relaxation rejoinder. Meditation can do wonders to your body and eradicate stress. Research found that meditation may help boost immunity, lower blood pressure, assist in delivery and the fertility of a new mother’s milk and reduce PMS symptoms.

5. Do a family exercise

Gather your family members during holidays to do workouts. Trust me. It will be a great fun. Walking is perfect for old or young. Do it with a pace that is speedy or slow. You can do laps at the shops. If you purchase, carry your own shopping bags and then unpack them in the car after visiting every store. You can throw a ball as you walk also. Accompany the dog to the park or throw a Frisbee. Stroll to your favorite local restaurant instead of driving. Simply do crunches, leg lifts and build your biceps while enjoying your favorite shows in the TV.

6. Eat local

A few health experts may think that eating locally is crucial than eating organic. This is due to the fact that a very important reason in a food’s nutrient silhouette is the time it consumed to transport the food from farm to your house. A cranium of locally grown lettuce, for instance, may be rich in nutrients than on the one that is shipped from distant place. So, eat locally as well as organic as much as possible.

7. Lose weight and stop eating junk

If you just cut 200 calories a day, you can notice easy and consistent weight loss. Omit a pat of butter and one cookie there and you will slim down. Stopping junk food from the cabinets or increasing fiber may be your aim. However, take baby steps. Eat low-fat popcorn in the place of potato chips. Baby steps will lead you to eat healthy in a due course.

8. Try to invest your health

If you own a high-deductible insurance plan, then you are likely qualified to deposit tax-free cash into a health savings account (HSA). HSAs assist you to use your savings for medical expenses afterward. So, go ahead and open an HSA and you can see each year you are able to squirrel away $3,050 for yourself ($6,150 for a family) and that too in tax free. In case, if you did not use up the balance in your HSA in the current year, it just moves to the next year, and the next and goes on. So, consult your human resources department to discover, if you are qualified for this.

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