Schizophrenia Real Stories

Schizophrenia: Real Stories

Real stories are personal stories shared by members of the DIYHealth community. These are stories of hope and triumph over a medical condition, inspiring us to stay the course.

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1. May god be with my son

My son, 15, has been diagnosed with Schizophrenia yesterday. It started about 2 months ago. Thanks to the various websites on the internet which helped me in knowing more and learning how to handle the situation at home. It is encouraging to know that I am not facing this problem alone and that I can learn from what others have gone through. He is much better now.

2. Chlorpromazine worked well for me

I was diagnosed with schizophrenia at the age of 18. After roughly one year I was given chlorpromazine. This enabled me to recover. My mind “calmed down” and ceased to be overactive. I have lived a normal life ever since I was released from the hospital in 1974. In early 2007 I was obliged to find a new medication to replace chlorpromazine. I was dependent on it totally but would like everybody to know that there are much better medications available and these make your life as normal as possible. 

3. Nothing stops me now

I was diagnosed with schizophrenia when I was 21 years old. Back then I was in hospital because I became hysterical and cried a lot. When in hospital I was given Haldol. I just wanted to go home. I felt better, but had recurring symptoms, so I was administered different drugs. Now I take symmetrel, haldol, and zyprexa. I am feeling much better, can proceed with my life, but I have noticed that I feel very nervous and don’t know what to do. Sometimes I feel that this disease is taking the better of me. I cannot deny as it scares me, but my family and my doctor also manage to cheer me up. They do not make me feel as if I am any different from them. This is certainly helping me in recovering.

4. Love and compassion

I’m 14 years old. My two cousins suffer from schizophrenia. One of them is not severe and he takes his medication regularly and is very calm. The other I can’t see anymore because he is violent and is certain that me and my mother are out to get him. He has paranoid schizophrenia and often spoke of CIA agents rising out of the pond across from his house. He has to be taken care of all the time. We have to make sure that all are extra polite with him. It is important never to scare or annoy an schizophrenic person, when treated with love, they are sweeter than anybody.

5. Friendship is healing

I have been on clozapine for schizophrenia since January and have had some success, even though weight gain has been a side effect. I put on 25 kilos. I already had gained excess weight from Zyprexa, which did not help me at all. I also suffer from lethargy and find it hard to exercise, but I walk my pet every day, which is in itself an effort. The most healing aspect of recovery from schizophrenia is friendship. At my hospital, we say, “Friendship is the special key to mental health.” Learning how to socially interact again, showing active concern for others, and caring for loved ones and pets has helped me in healing myself.

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