Say goodbye to stomach problems by eating these probiotic foods


A very true quote by the father of modern medicine, Hippocrates, ‘All disease begins in the gut’.  This statement stands true till now and will always be a fact as a healthy stomach is the key for a healthy body. A good diet and gut friendly food is very necessary to maintain a healthy body. Although there are a variety of medications which are available in the market in case the stomach problem is really bad and is getting worse. But the best way to get rid of bad stomach problems is a proper change in your diet. Given below is the list of common probiotic food items which can reduce stomach inflammation and help you get rid of various medications and prescriptions.



Yogurt is the best probiotic food that helps your GI system function properly and keeps the body fit and healthy. The good bacteria present in yogurt heals the gut lining and is very effective for various problems like diarrhea, constipation, inflammatory bowel disease, allergies, colon cancer, H pylori infection and many more.

Coconut oil

Coconut oil

Coconut oil has gradually gained its position amongst the top probiotic foods in the health world. It has been used by people for cooking purposes since ages, but it has just happened in the recent years that the enormous beneficial qualities of using coconut oil has been known by people. Undoubtedly, it is amongst the best fats which can really heal the stomach inflammatory problems.

Miso paste

Miso paste

The miso paste is made up of aged fermented soybeans and is full of probiotics.  Available in various colors like red, brown, yellow and white, the best way to buy miso paste is by going for a darker one as the taste of the darker one is quite enhanced. Miso is a perfect combination of great earthy flavor brimmed with fiber, protein and Vitamin K which helps in strengthening the bones and that too for a very few calories. Miso can be used to glaze chicken or fish, before they are cooked, or can be added to a stir-fry recipe or else can be added to any liquid. The sodium content of miso is very high, so it has to be considered according to the health of person who is going to have it.

Kombucha tea


Kombucha tea is fizzy, tangy, slightly flavored with vinegar and is said to be very effective as it introduces more active bacteria to your body which in turn help to keep it immune and healthy. The natural carbonation in the tea comes from ‘scoby’, which actually creates the probiotics by fermenting the drink through bacteria and yeast. Kombucha bought from store is better than being prepared at home because it is really hard to keep the tea sanitary when it is made and also the homebrewed one can cause nausea and toxicity.



Fishes that are abundant in omega 3 fatty acids are ideal for good stomach and health. Fishes like sardines, mackerel and salmon are some examples of omega 3 rich ones. These fish oils are very helpful for people who are suffering from bowel conditions like IBS as they proliferate gut bacteria which are very effective for stomach health.

Cultured soymilk


A very popular and effective non-diary alternate to get probiotic food is the cultured soymilk. Cultured soymilk, or the soy yogurt introduce live active cultures into the body as most of them are brimmed with calcium and vitamin D which make them equivalent to dairy yogurts. For vegans or lactose intolerant people, cultured soymilk is the best option. People looking for more varieties may also try coconut milk yogurts and almond milk.



Kimchi is a staple food of Korea and is again a very good alternate to get probiotics for good health. It is based on lactic acid fermentation by which vegetables like cabbage or any other are turned into spicy and tasty dish full of Vitamin C. It can be consumed by using it with meat, topping it on soup and spike veggie-laden rice bowls.


Kvass is a traditional drink of Russia which is nowadays made with fermenting veggie juices and beet juice or fruit. The drink is rich in nitrates, because of beetroot and boosts oxygen flow to muscles along with increasing the stamina. It is a very good source of Vitamin C.

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