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Fiber Supplements

We all are extremely conscious of what we eat, drink etc. Equal attention is paid to our lifestyle as well. Exercising, staying fit, etc is all a part of our health regime. We all do take care of what we eat, but does any of us wondered that how what we eat gets digested. We do surely take care that we supplement our diet with the right amount of proteins, vitamins, minerals and other nutrients, but after a hearty meal, do we worry about its digestion too? Inappropriate digestion is a big cause of many health problems. It is very important that whatever we eat, gets adequately digested and absorbed by our body. It will be only then that it will yield energy. Apart from that, if the food isn’t digested properly it can lead to a number of problems like indigestion, acidity etc. Hence apart from supplementing your diet with the correct nutrients, it is also important that you couple it with the right digestive supplements. Listed below are some of the important supplements for digestion:

1. Fiber supplement

It is no news that fiber or roughage is the best supplement to ease digestion as it aids bowel movement. Fiber also helps to make a soft stool, which eases constipation. It can be taken as a capsule, chewable medicine or as a soluble powder which can be dissolved in a liquid.

The popular supplements used in fiber are psyllium, gum arabic, dextrin and methyl cellulose. While choosing a fiber supplement, consider properly the options you are getting. Don’t go by the price, but consider the grams of soluble fiber in each product. There are many products which have 90 fillers like artificial sweeteners, sugar, citric acid and other binders and only 10 percent fiber.

In spite of whatever supplement you decide to take, it is important that you begin by taking small amounts and gradually increase them over time. Moreover, just don’t restrict yourself to the supplements, but also increase your intake of fruits and vegetables. Include bran cereal in your diet and also go out and exercise as much as you can.

2. Probiotic Supplement

Better known as good bacteria, probiotic supplements can influence your health in more ways than one. They mainly help to contradict the body’s lack of gut flora by providing good bacteria. As opposed to common opinion of bacteria being harmful disease causing micro organisms, probiotics are very efficient in fighting infectious and harmful bacteria in the body

Our body lacks the healthy amount of gut flora that is needed for digestive health.These good bacteria are a very important nutrient which needs to be regularly replenished in the body. But sadly, not many foods act as a natural source of probiotic. Certian foods which do are fermented products like yoghurt, miso, soy drinks etc. But again, these natural ingredients don’t contain probiotics in therapeutic doses

When the body doesn’t have the good bacteria which is needed for efficient and effective digestion, a lot of other body systems are affected. The most affected will be the immune system.

Thus taking probiotic supplements in your diet is extremely essential. They are very safe and easy to take if you can get a healthy and substantial source of them. These probitoc products, hence not only help in digestion but also relieve intestinal tensions and create an overall healthy body.

3. B Complex vitamins

Our body doesnt have the capacity to store B complex vitamins as they are water soluble. Hence it is absolutely imperative that they come from dietary supplements or consumed as food on a daily basis. Eating adequate amounts of B complex is necessary for a healthy diet and these requirements can be met by eating B vitamin rich foods. Foods like meats, whole grains, vegetables are rich in Vitamins. Even dietary supplements are equally effective, but should be only taken after consulting a physician to avoid health complexities.

B vitamins are extremely useful in producing energy in the body. These vitamins aid various functions like conversion of food into energy, conversion of proteins,fats and carbohydrates into energy and utilization of the energy by producing hemoglobin, the oxygen carriers of the red blood cells.

Our body has a naturally occurring amino acid called homocysteine. It is naturally converted into other amino acids by the body, but its high levels can damage the lining of the blood vessels. This increases the chances of heart diseases. B complex vitamins produce sufficient amount of folate which can reduce the risk of high homocysteine levels by fostering its breakdown and clearance.

B Complex vitamins also help in effective functioning of the nervous and digestive systems. While lack of it can affect concentration, trigger anxiety and depression in the nervous system it can also lead to gastronomical disorders like vomiting and diarrhea. Its regular intake helps in appetite regulation and protein digestion and also increases the rate of electrical impulses between adjoining nerves.

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