Reiki routines to fight anxiety symptoms

Anxiety is a normal response, which has been experienced by all of us at some time or the other. Whenever there is a difficult situation, our body releases certain hormones, which make our breathing fast or shallow and disrupts the body’s oxygen and carbondioxide levels. But once this situation passes, the feeling of anxiousness automatically gets resolved. Though, sometimes this condition becomes a second nature of the person and these are the times, to follow some stress and anxiety management techniques, so that these situations are not able to overpower you. Reiki, is fast becoming a popular method to deal with anxiety. It is a traditional holistic approach which combines energy and touch to heal various disorders. Certain routines practiced in Reiki therapy like crystal healing, angelic healing, hypnotism, aromatherapy, hands on healing, massage healing have proved to be beneficial to treat anxiety.

Reiki meditation routine

Meditation is the first and foremost routine of Reiki, which balances body, mind and spirit in order to relax a person. This routine holds powerful technique to calm and relax a person thus bringing down the anxiety level in a person. This routine involves breath control, silence and self introspection. By following this routine, your anxiety level stops pacing as your mind becomes quiet and you start getting a more clear vision of every aspect. Sit straight, for Reiki meditation and take slow breaths and concentrate on your third eye. Third eye is the chakra or the space between both your eyes on the forehead. Feel a ray of light emerging from your third eye, now focus on your goal of getting rid of the unwanted anxiety and feel it diminishing. Relax and rub your hands once you are done with it and notice your anxiety levels going down with the regular practice.

Kundalini Reiki routine

Kundalini Reiki routine is one of the most popular and effective way of healing anxiety. This routine focuses mainly on the ‘kundalini energy’ to heal a person. Kundalini Reiki centers mainly on the “root chakra”, which means all the energy goes through the root chakra and then passes on its own to clear the other chakras. The energy is released from the crown chakra which first goes to the root chakra and from there it travels to other chakras, clearing all the blockages present in all chakras and takes an exit. Kundalini Reiki routine would need more than one session for healing and it is self healing routine. It is believed that with the practice of kundalini routine, one gets in tune with the energy and spirit of earth, removing the negativity of the body and mind. Some people gain psychic powers also with the practice of this routine.

Hands on routine

The hands on routine, is a part of usui Reiki treatment. During this routine, the person is asked to lie down and the Reiki healer touches the recipient, healing the person through the energy of his touch. This transfer of energy brings different sensations in the body like hot flushes, chills, vibration, fatigue or heaviness, etc. Sometimes it may activate stillness in the body of recipient. This routine takes 60 to 90 minutes to complete. The hands on routine heal a person through the energy released from touch and it brings peace and calmness to the recipient. The healer removes the bad energy which causes anxiety and transfers the good energy in the recipient through touch.

The different chakras of body are associated with different organs of the body and an obstruction in these chakras cause different disorders. The first chakra of the body is connected with nails, bones, teeth, spine, prostate gland, anus, rectum and blood. The second chakra is related to naval and the reproductive system and last chakra is for lower back, digestive system, spleen, nervous system, gall bladder, abdomen, liver and lower back. The healer in this routine touches the related chakras very gently with cupped hands and sends positive energy to reduce and cure the disorder.


Crystal Reiki routine

Crystal Reiki routine helps in healing a person through crystals and self healing through physical body, mental aspect and spiritual aspect. Since ancient period stones have been used to cure people of several disorders as an alternative therapy. Each crystal is believed to have healing properties associated with psychosomatic disorders like anxiety, aches and pains, digestive disorder, fatigue, insomnia, etc. Crystal healing routine of Reiki works by placing different crystals on different chakras of body to remove blockages and heal the person. Three main crystals which are used in this routine are rock crystal, amethyst rose quartz. Rock crystal is mainly used to deal with anxiety by placing it on the second chakra of the body, amethyst is placed on the sixth chakra to reduce hypertension and anxiety, whereas rose quartz is placed on the fourth chakra to remove resistance and invoke acceptance. Even a pendent or jewelry made of these crystals is incorporated in crystal Reiki routine to heal a person.

Aromatherapy Reiki routine

Aromatherapy routine of Reiki is a holistic practice to calm the body, mind and spirit. In recent times this routine of holistic is gaining a lot of popularity especially for the disorders of nervous system like anxiety, stress and depression. The essential oils of the plant extract are used in a diffuser to fill the room with fragrance which gives an instant boost to the nervous system. Lavender oil and clary sage oil are applied on different chakras of the body of the recipient to remove anxiety. This method can be self practiced also and it needs several sessions to get rid of anxiety pangs. This routine also stresses on an aromatic Reiki massage around different chakras with soft and relaxing music played in the backdrop to negate the effect of anxiety.

Distant healing Reiki routine

Anxiety can be a result of surrounding stresses, emotional blockages, over exhaustion, past life issues and Reiki deals with them through its distant healing routine. Distant healing routine can be practiced through concentrating on a symbol, using a photo of the recipient of distant healing and by imagining the recipient to be present around you. This session is generally for 15 minutes and sometimes 15 minute’s everyday for 3 days. Focus on the problem of the recipient and send Reiki to clear the negative energies by releasing the positive energies. During this routine, the recipient has to first develop self awareness and positive attitude towards oneself and secondly, the recipient has to connect with the person sending Reiki and last but not the least, the recipient should thank the healer for sending positive energies for healing. This routine could also be practiced to heal a group and even the whole world and universe. If some part of the world is going through political crisis or a natural calamity, this routine can be used to heal the circumstances.

Symbol Reiki routine

Symbol Reiki routine works on certain symbols which indicate ‘good charm’. By focusing on these symbols drawn in front of you is believed to boost or shift the energy from low to higher level. The practitioner of this routine needs to clear the mental and physical clutter and focus on these symbols which are derived from earth, water and sun. Earth, water and sun are the core of whole existence. Sun is the main source of energy which sends its energy to the 5th and 6th chakra, which relates to life and nurtures the life with water. Focus on these symbols eradicates even the acute anxiety disorder achieving a state of peace as this routine works on energy beyond time and space.

Hypno Reiki routine

Hypno Reiki routine is practiced to eradicate the cause of mental blockages which increases anxiety pangs. This is a very effective routine of Reiki to combat anxiety, stress and depression. This routine can be practiced by the second level or an expert practitioner of Reiki. This routine uses the power of hypnosis and cures the problem through Reiki. This Reiki practice is a very powerful way of knowing the root cause of anxiety and combating it through different related chakras in the body.

Detoxifying Reiki routine

Detoxifying is a very important part of the Reiki routine. To provide and receive positive energy, your body should be bereft of any clutter inside the body. As Reiki works on chakras of body, the more detoxified your system would be, the better would be its healing capacity. A detoxified body would be more calm and less anxious. This routine stresses on a lot of fluid intake to flush out the toxins from body. It also stresses on a light vegetarian diet consisting of natural and organically grown fruits and vegetables. This routine also stresses on complete restriction on the intake of caffeine and alcohol.

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