Exercises for better orgasms: A sneak peek

If this fails to make women exercise, nothing probably will. You don’t need to exercise for weight loss, strengthening of muscles or maintaining fitness levels. While the points referred to above are all, in some way or the other, the benefits of exercise, they are not being discussed here today. This might sound a bit strange, but none of the recommendations have actually succeeded in making a proportionally huge percentage of women exercise. Here is, therefore, a piece of news that might land you on the exercise table straight away. So, listen up ladies.

In a first of its kind study, it has been confirmed that exercise can induce female orgasm and stimulate sexual pleasure, all by itself. While the findings are definitely new, reports of the phenomenon, better known as Coregasm, have made rounds of newspapers and health magazines for years. The most common workouts associated with exercise-induced orgasms include climbing poles, yoga, abdominal exercises etc. With these considerations in mind, take a look into the eleven most preferable exercises if you wish to feel those orgasms.

Hanging side crunches

Performing the side crunches is really simple. You need to hang from a bar with your palms facing forward. Now bring your knees up in such a way that your torso and thighs form a ninety degree angle. Next, pinch slightly at your left side. Curl your left hip up toward the left shoulder. In maintaining the swinging position, the core needs to be used at the outset. Once you are done with the process described above, repeat the same on your right side. The sides must be alternated for twenty reps. The move helps to strengthen your entire core. Getting the very sides of your abs is not an easy task, say experts. And you need these muscles for nearly everything you do. To make it a bit easier, consider using a machine that allows the arms and elbows to support your body weight. Straps on the chin-up bar can also be used for additional support.

Single leg plank

In performing this exercise, you need to first press yourself against the floor with knees bent and feet lying flat. Now, cross your arms over the chest and raise the lower half of the right leg until it’s completely in line with your left thigh. Next, press the left foot onto the floor and get the glutes contracted as you lift the torso, so it’s again in line with the thighs. Hold the position for sometime. Rest for about a minute before repeating the steps with the other leg. Perform the exercise regularly for strong pelvic floor muscles. As the pelvic floor controls vagina and uterus in women, a single loophole here may lead to incontinence or uterine prolapses. A sturdy pelvic floor, on the other hand, ensures better sex life for your.

Hanging straight leg raise

Hang from a pull-up bar with your hands almost shoulder-width apart and hips centered under the body, so there is a straight line from the hands to the bottom of your hips. Now, keeping your back and legs straight and using a controlled and slow motion, raise the legs until they are almost parallel to the floor. Lower you legs slowly after that. That is just one rep. You need to perform 4-6 at the least. If you feel extra barnumesque at some point, try raising your feet above ninety degrees. To achieve the perfect form, do not swing legs as you raise them or let momentum do the job. Additionally, focus on keeping the butt down, as if you are sitting on a sofa.With tension build up and tightening of pelvic muscles, the exercise is sure to leave you in a state of mind after the work out session.

Arm pull over crunch

To perform this exercise what you need in the first place is a pair of dumbbells, weighing not more than thirteen pounds each. Next, lie on your back with arms rolled behind. Now, extend your legs at an acute angle. Your arms should be brought up over the chest. Your legs, on the other hand, should be raised in a manner that they create a perpendicular shape with the floor. After this, return to the start.Apart from getting your abdominal muscles tightened, paving way, thereby, for coregasm, the exercise will also help you achieve a flat tummy.

Medicine ball blast

Start by setting an adjustable ab bench at a forty five degree angle. Lie down on the bench with your head towards the floor and keep your feet hooked under the padded support bar. Hold the medicine ball at the chest as you lower your body slowly and steadily. As you come up from the position, chest-pass the ball almost straight up. Catch it at the movement’s top, lower yourself and continue repeating. It helps you achieve coregasm by tightening the abs.

The dirty diamond

While the burns are unavoidable and undeniable, the dirty diamond’s booty benefits, it seems, are worth every bit. It’s almost like building muscle memory, say experts. As you become accustomed slowly and gradually to flexing your vaginal and pelvic muscles, you’ll automatically begin to squeeze them harder during sex. The end results are deeper ‘O’s and increased sensation.

Lie on your back with arms at your sides and palms down. Both the legs need to be lifted ninety degrees up in the air. Now, put your feet soles together, forming a diamond shaped pattern. The legs should be straightened as much as possible while the feet remain huddled together. At the same time, use your abs to lift the butt three inches off the floor. There are, in all, sixteen reps required for the benefits of the dirty diamond to come full circle. So, be patient and calm!

The lusty lift

Here, the prime focus is on keeping the breathing in sync with body movements. So, it basically requires you to exhale while lifting, and inhale on the way down. Practicing rhythmic breathing helps you breathe in tandem with your partner during sex, so that the bodies are in tune, says research. The exercise intensifies orgasm by boosting the blood flow.

Lie on your backs with the legs almost hip-width apart, feet flat on the ground, knees bent and arms straight above the head and palms up. Keeping the back straight, squeeze your abs and butt hard as you raise the pelvis an inch off the floor, then gradually lower. The pelvic tilt needs to be repeated sixteen times without breaks.

Leg extended crisscross

Lie flat on your back with your hands by the sides and legs expanded straight up into the air. The abdominals should be kept engaged and used to get your legs crisscrossed over one another in a supervised manner. Wait for a minute before letting go of the position.The exercise is specifically tailored to tighten the lower abdominal muscles used during sex.

Pole dancing

Ok! If you are a male and reading this piece, we know how it sounds to you. It’s a bit like sending your girlfriend or wife down a new career or professional path. However, what we are trying to point at are the multifarious benefits of her learning to pole dance either in a specialized exercised class or in the privacy of your home. While pole dancing certainly isn’t every girl’s cup of tea, those who have it in them to accept the challenge find this to be a fine workout form. You may be required to check locally. In decent sized cities, however, there are countless popular and legitimate pole dance classes for people to choose from. Alternatively, you may also consider installing a pole at your home either non-fixed or permanently. With the non-fixed variety, there is no question of you losing the Cirque du Soleil moves!


When you think of yoga, you invariably envision finding zen, getting flexible or even building some strength. However, very few people are actually aware of the fact that the ancient practice helps you with a plethora of challenges off the mat too. If your sex drive has vanished, there may or may not be any serious reasons for worrying. The causes of low sex drive in women vary immensely. Exercise, say experts, may help to overcome a majority of them. Keeping such consideration in mind, here is a yoga that promises to leave you craving for some more.

In the first place, come back onto your knees and hands. Spread the fingers wide, fingertips firm on the mat so to get arm muscles ignited. Square the hips, and start inhaling as you raise the right leg high. Exhale and quickly sweep your knee to the chest, rounding the back to engage your abs. Squeeze and lift the pelvic floor muscles like in Kegel exercise, as you perform the steps described above. Repeat the motion with slow breaths on each side. The hips should be pressed back to the heels in a child’s pose for about a minute, before you finally switch sides.

The pose helps to increase your sex drive in a plethora of ways. It targets all the sensitive spots-including the G spot. By working the pelvic floor muscles along with the waist, glutes, thighs, arms and abs, you slowly start getting into the mood.

Sexy scissors

This exercise tightens your legs and tummy and helps to speed up the ‘turn on’ time. Lie on the back with your hands under head and feet flat on the floor. Straighten and raise your left leg some twelve inches off the ground level. Next, bring the left knee in towards your chest. At the same time, thrust your right elbow forward to meet the left knee. Straighten the legs again and as you lower them, raise your right leg to meet the left elbow.

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