Quick makeup safety tips for contact lens wearer

Contact lenses are perfect ways to maintain your beauty while you rectify your eye problems. But wearing contact lens comes with a set of do’s and don’ts that have to be followed carefully in order to protect your eyes from irritation and injury. As per research by American Academy of Ophthalmology and the American Optometrist Association, cosmetics pose the greatest risk for contact lens wearers. Improper use of cosmetics can cause infection, eye irritation, injury, allergic reaction, deposits on the lens and dryness. Given below are some core safety tips that will help you keep away from eye problems while you wear makeup.

Quick makeup safety tips for contact lens wearer


1. Importance of cleaning

Before you wear makeup, it is important to clean your face and hands thoroughly. Impurities in your face and hands like cream and other cosmetics can easily get into your eye while you insert the contact lens and can cause irritation and infections. This is especially important when you have very sensitive eyes.

2. Put contact lens before makeup

Women who wear contact lens must wear the lens before they even think about makeup. This will help in many ways. There is less chance of makeup entering your eyes through your hands and it will also help you apply makeup properly without faults as you can see clearly.

3. Choice of makeup

It is important to choose the best products in the market when you wear contact lens. This would mean that the products have to be oil free and also hypo allergenic so that irritations in the eye can be avoided and the products will also be easier to remove. You can use a light moisturizer before application of makeup. However, avoid heavy creams, especially around the eyes as it can smudge the contact lens and also ruin your overall makeup, especially during summer months. Water based foundation will be the best as they do not leave marks or films over your contact lens that can irritate the eyes. Always make sure that you use lighter textured makeup.

4. Application of Face Powder

Face powder can cause a lot of problems if not applied carefully. The powder can enter your eyes and settle on the contact lens, causing irritation. Keep your eyes closed during application so that the powder does not enter the eyes. Remove the excess powder from around the eyes before you open the eyes. While using powder eye shadows, try mixing t with water before application.


1. Makeup Basics

As a rule, you must avoid application of eyeliners on the inner edge of your upper eyelids. You must also not wear eye liner on the inner edge of your lower lid. Eyeliners can enter the eyes and cause irritation. Application of powder cosmetics must be either avoided or limited. Keep your eyes closed while using powder and also make sure that excess powder is wiped off before you open your eyes.

2. Avoid sharing cosmetics

Never share your cosmetics with others as it can lead to eye infections. Mascara refills in which you use the same applicator too must be avoided as it can lead to infections. All make up brushes must be washed regularly to keep them clean and free from causing eye infections.

3. Avoid water and saliva for lubrication

Some women have the habit of moistening their cosmetics with saliva or water which is a disgusting habit. Avoid such habits to keep away from eye irritation and infections.

4. Avoid glittery eye shadows

Eye shadows that are glittery, pearly and iridescent are made from tinsel or oyster shell powder which can enter the eyes and cause problems for a contact lens wearer. Avoid such powdery eye shadows to keep away from trouble.


1. What are the effects of cosmetics on the eyes?

Ans. Cosmetics have a number of chemicals and preservatives that can cause eye infections, allergies and irritation that can be serious enough to even make you blind. People who have sensitive eyes might even get allergic reactions when they are using hypoallergenic products.

2. How can eye infections be avoided?

Ans. Eye infections are very common when you use eye cosmetics regularly without care. Ensure that you store your eye makeup in a clean, cool and dry place to avoid bacteria from setting in. Make sure that eye cosmetics are replaced every three months after you have opened them.

3. What should be done to use cosmetics safely while using contact lens?

Ans. Cosmetics must always be applied before you insert contact lens and after you have thoroughly washed your hands and face. Keep your eyes closed while applying powdered cosmetics like eye shadow and face powder and remove excess powder as well. Use disposable applicator for eye makeup if possible. Avoid application of makeup inside a moving vehicle.

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