Prevent eye strain with these simple tips

Eye strain

There is a saying that the eyes are the windows to the soul. That sounds romantic enough. Most of us take our eyes for granted till they give us some problem or the other. One of the most sensitive parts of any creature’s body, the eyes require great care. The good news, however, is that you don’t have to go to extra lengths to take care of them. Just keeping a few tips in mind will go a long way in ensuring that you won’t have to be prescribed with cumbersome spectacles or irritating contact lenses.

1. Take breaks

We have entered the computer age which means long hours will be spent in front of the screen. As easy as computers make our work seem, they’re an enemy to our eyes. At the end of the day, we’re left with red, tired eyes coupled with headaches. The solution here is to take short breaks while using the computer. You don’t have to get up, just focus your vision on things other than your screen for a few seconds.

Look out the window or at the ceilings and walls after every 20 minutes. This will take the pressure off your eyes and refocus them. If you can, stand up and pace for a couple of minutes after 1 or 2 hours. This will not only free your eyes for a bit, but will also get circulation back into your legs.

2. Blink frequently

Blinking is a natural reflexive reaction that coats the eyeballs with moisture. It so happens that heavy concentration sometimes makes us forget to blink, causing dryness. The result is a burning sensation in the eyes. Make it a point to blink it at regular intervals while working on the computer. If you’re not really concentrating on anything, then you’ll notice that you blink regularly. If you feel that your eyes are constantly dry no matter what you do, then you should visit an ophthalmologist who’ll prescribe you with artificial tear drops.

3. Adjust your work area

Get yourself one of those anti-glare filters for your monitor which prevents your eyes from the effects of harsh light. Don’t sit too close to your screen and keep it at least arm’s length away. Position your monitor in such a way that there is no direct light source reflecting off it, Instead make use of indirect sources of light instead.

4. Adjust monitor settings

Most of us don’t think of adjusting the brightness or contrast of our monitors. We use it the way it is not realizing the effect the light has on our eyes. Mute the brightness or turn it up if it’s too low. Adjust the contrast to a level that isn’t glaring but is comfortable enough. Fiddle with the color too as very bright colors will only make you squint. Choose a tone that is comfortable for you like warm, cool or normal.

5. Perform eye exercises

It may make you feel a little silly but eye exercises could very well save your sight. Sit straight, relax your body and close your eyes for a minute. Open them and roll your eyes up, down and from side to side. While you’re at it, slowly roll your head too. This will get the kinks out of your neck and keep it relaxed. Trace the figure 8 with your eyes, rolling them at every curve. Focus on something that is far away for several seconds, then shift focus to an object that is near you. Using a pen or a pencil, focus on the tip while bringing it nearer towards your eyes and away again while trying not to blink.

6. Massage your eyelids

Massaging the eyelids helps to get the circulation back on track and relaxes the eyes. It’s easy to do and doesn’t take long. Close your eyes and using the palm of your hands, gently knead your eyelids. Circle clockwise for a few seconds and anti-clockwise for another few seconds. After that’s done, knead in an up and down motion and from side to side. Place your thumbs on each side of your temple and using the knuckles of your forefingers, firmly and lightly rub each eyebrow for a few minutes. This helps in regulating nerve function and relieving eye strain.

7. Use protective eyewear

Certain types of eyewear are designed specifically for computer use. These glasses contain a special lens coating to minimize glare and eye strain.

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