Polycystic ovary syndrome Real Stories

Polycystic ovary syndrome: Real Stories

Real stories are personal stories shared by members of the DIYHealth community. These are stories of hope and triumph over a medical condition, inspiring us to stay the course.

Top Real Stories

1. Natural therapy worked

I was diagnosed with PCOS a couple of years back when my periods suddenly stopped. I went to a gynecologist who confirmed this through an ultrasound examination. I was also having a bit of acne problem and had put on considerable weight. I was recommended metformin at first, however, I decided to give natural therapy a shot before going in for the treatment. First of all, I changed my diet which actually helped me in shedding a lot of weight. The food that I ate was strictly low on GI and it was completely organic. I also came to know that I had a deficiency in chromium, potassium and zinc after getting my hair tested and I took supplements for the same. I went in for acupuncture sessions and after five sessions, I started responding perfectly. After going down by 15 pounds, I finally had a positive pregnancy test and managed to conceive. Apart from that, my acne cleared up and I felt more energetic after just two weeks of starting this natural treatment.

2. The miracle diet

I am a dietician by profession and the irony of my life is that I have struggled with weight issues for a major part of my life. It seems odd and funny when I used to spend my day advising patients on how to lose weight, when I should be checking my weighing scale and marking my own weight! Over the course of time, my weight got the better of me, and my clients left me because I was simply not the best example of health as a dietician. I was on the same sort of diet that I would advise my patients like low fat, low carb, high fiber, lean protein, no sugar, moderate exercise and so on. But I was clinically obese on the weighing scale! I think I had developed an erratic lifestyle later on, which actually made me pile on even more pounds and stopped my menstruation cycle. I consulted an OB/Gyn and after an ultrasound I came to know that I had PCOS.


That explained it all, my inability to lose weight, the acne, the erratic periods and all. I began to do some research on PCOS as I was determined to fight it. I found out that the major issue that women had dealing with PCOS was the disordered metabolism of insulin and glucose. I also stumbled across a website in which women discussed their success stories in fighting PCOS by adopting a Paleo Lifestyle in which we are supposed to eat meats and not grains, just like the caveman. Staying on the Paleo diet is an expensive proposition and I had to take the plunge and sacrifice money on my health. The results were fantastic, I managed to lose oodles of weight without even trying too hard, my insulin levels did not drop drastically, I felt energetic and my menstrual cycle became stable. Paleo is a miracle diet for PCOS patients!

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