Do you have Nostrils that are constantly dry? Here’s How to cure it naturally

Our nose is extremely sensitive, even though we may not be aware of it. Changes in temperature, exposure to harsh environments, and even the inhalation of dirt or debris can affect our nose’s function in different ways. If you constantly suffer from dry nostrils or nasal passages and are tired of dealing with this condition, here’s how to cure it naturally.

Symptoms of dry nostrils or nasal passages

Although dry nostrils or nasal passages can be caused by a variety of reasons such as pollution, dirt, cold and dry temperatures, and even rhinitis, the symptoms are easy to spot. These symptoms include itching, wheezing, and general nose irritation, and sometimes even bleeding from the nose.


How to hydrate your nasal passages

The good news is that you can address this problem once and for all with a few natural cures. These cures, such as petroleum jelly, coconut oil, steam, olive oil, and even chili peppers have offered a great degree of success to dry nostrils sufferers.

  • Petroleum jelly

Whilst some GPs may frown upon the use of petroleum jelly, particularly for the interior of the nose, others believe that it brings healing to dry nostrils. If you decide to use petroleum jelly, make sure to buy a good, well-known brand. Also, be careful in applying only a tiny amount to the inside of your nose. Applying too much petroleum jelly may result in side effects which may affect the lungs.

  • Coconut oil

Another remedy for this condition is coconut oil. The great aspect about coconut oil is that just a little amount applied to the nostrils will not only help cure the condition, but relieves pain as well. Coconut oil may also be a better option compared to petroleum jelly, especially if you’re worried about side effects.

  • Steam

A sure-fire, albeit short-term, cure for dry nostrils is steam (and it’s undoubtedly safe as well). With steam, your nasal passages can be cleared, allowing you to breathe freely and easily. Rather than continuously blowing your nose, take advantage of the benefits of steam.

  • Chili peppers

In a study conducted by some researchers at a US university, it was found that a spray which contained capsaicin (an element of chili peppers which give these little dynamites their heat) resulted in relief and cure from dry nostrils. If you’ve ever eaten something spicy and it cleared up your nasal passages and airways, you know exactly what we mean. Not only do chili peppers ease the pain and symptom of dry nasal passages – they reduce dryness and irritation as well.

Other cures for dry nostrils include eucalyptus, sesame and olive oil, and the ubiquitous chicken soup. If you want to be relieved of this condition, try out the above-mentioned remedies and you’ll be cured in no time.

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