Nestyseat offers relief for people with Decubitus

Many elderly people suffer commonly from the problem of decubitus. Thus, they face issues while sitting on a flat bench or chair, as well as on regular cushions. In extreme conditions, their sitting bumps and coccyx must not get in contact with anything when they sit. Due to such grave problems, many patients face shame and issues with maintaining hygiene. Now, there is one effective solution to all these issues. Marjolein Van Dorpe has designed a special type of cushion called Nestyseat for those experiencing decubitus.

Product design and inspiration

The inspiration of this product came from those elderly people who were suffering from decubitus and could not sit without a high cushion. Still, they had issues with such cushions like those of ventilation, weight, perspiration, and durability.Nestyseatis designed to help all such individuals who have been suffering due to bedsores. This cushion has a hole in the middle and consists of three layers.

While its first comfort layer supportsthe buttocks, the second layer of a smart plate helps in retaining the shape of the cushion. The next layer is of a smart sleeve that allows ventilation. The product has been designed, keeping in mind the pain points of decubitus patients.

Thus, its hole has not been made very wide and materials are chosen carefully. Even the thickness of foam used to create it has been tested before making the final prototype. The use of washable smart tissue in its removable sleeve addresses the problems related to perspiration, ventilation, and hygiene.

Ease of use

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Nestyseat is easy on one’s back and highly comfortable to use. It is also lightweight and can be carried easily using its sleeve. Thus, a person can make use of it to sit on almost any high surface like that of a bench in a park or a chair at home.Since you can wash it, permanent hygiene can also be maintained with Nestyseat.

Benefits of using Nestyseat

AsNestyseat has been designed with the right-sized hole, it allows every decubitus patient to sit on it conveniently. It takes away pains and delivers maximum support to the coccyx and buttocks. Additionally, the cushion has the required rigidity that does not let it go loose after use. Therefore, one can find comfort for a longer sitting duration.

Nestyseat is a cushion with a hole that has been designed carefully for people suffering from bedsores. With this product, they can sit more comfortably and without perspiration on any high platform. It is a reliable and durable product.

Source : Agingvandorpemarjolein.Blogspot.In

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