Natural herbal remedies for anxiety

Herbs to combat anxiety

Anxiety is the poor or bad condition of mood that comes from physical tension and it can appeared due to worry about daily life and fear about the future. Anxiety symptoms vary from person to person. Sometimes the anxiety dominates the person’s thinking so much that it obstructs with the functioning of daily life including the personal life and social activities. Some of the common anxiety symptoms are – chest pain, back pain, allergy problems, exhaustion, decrease or increase in body temperature, excessive sweating and headache. You can use herbal remedies to combat anxiety symptoms that is even safe and effective to use.

1. St John Wort

St John Wort is a common pasture plant with a bare trunk and yellow flowers, used as a medicine for sprains, strains and bruises. It is also used for sleep disturbances, impaired concentration and to treat muscular spasms. After crushing a flower bud, you will find the ingredients like hypericin, hyperforin, flavanols and xanthones. It can cause burning of your skin because it makes the skin very sensitive. People having allergy with any one of its ingredients should not use this herb.

2. Lavender

Lavender is the part of the mint family and has beautiful purple flowers. This herb is used to combat nervousness and tension states. Lavender flowers are added to tea to reduce nervousness and it even has a pleasing fragrance. Use can also rub it on your forehead to reduce severe headache.

3. Valerian

Valerian is a purple flowering plant used as a remedy for insomnia. It is taken an hour prior going to bed. It is also used to relieve anxiety and muscular pain. The relaxing action is used to cure menstrual and muscle disorder. It should not be taken with the alcohol and avoided before driving.

4. Skullcap

Skullcap is a blue flower medicinal herb that can be easily grown in ordinary garden soil from May to August. It is used to lower the raised-up blood pressure. It is the best herb that can be used to cure nerve disorders and headache caused due to continuous coughing. It should not be given to a pregnant woman because it can lead to miscarriage. It is the best herb to reduce the excessive sexual desire.

5. Oat straw

Oat straw is used especially to deal with the nervous system. It is mainly used for fighting anxiety, building bones, fighting osteoporosis, boosting immune system and calming hyperactive children. Oat straw is high in calcium, therefore, it helps to build healthy teeth and bones.

6. Linden

Linden also known as lime tree is an aromatic herb. It has various uses. The main use of this herb is increasing perspiration and lowering blood pressure. The severe headache and migraine can be lowered by the usage of this herb. It is normally used to calm digestive system and stomach and for feverish cold.

7. Chamomile

Chamomile is the member of the sunflower family. It has a mild, comforting and calm effect on the body. It is used to cure stomach problems like ulcers caused by anxiety. It is also used for the muscles pain and in stress-induced conditions. Chamomile tea is used to comfort and cure the symptoms of arthritis, stiffness and rheumatism.

8. Kava kava

Kava kava is the member of black pepper family. This shrub requires high humidity and rainfall to grow. It is substitute remedy for anxiety, insomnia, depression and stress. It can be used by the menopausal women to reduce hot flushes. It is even used to improve intellectual memory and mental functioning.

9. Lemon balm

Lemon balm is mostly cultivated in United States. It is both used as medicine and edible. This balm is an alternative medicine for insomnia, stomach-related problems, relieving nerves and menstrual cramps, depression and hyperthyroidism. The leaves of this herb are added to tea which is good for headache, fever and severe cold. The fresh crushed leaves are beneficial when applied on insect bites, wounds and injuries. It even relieves muscle pain and soothes irritated and wound-up skin.

10. Mother Wort

This particular herb belongs to a mint family. It is a mild relaxing agent and is helpful in balancing hormones and menstrual cycles in women. This herb is often used during pregnancy to relieve from an excessive pain. This herb contains a chemical called leonurine which encourages contraction of the uterus. It prevents the formation of blood clots which improves the flow of blood and reduces the risk of stroke, heart attack and various other diseases.

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