Myths about Insomnia

It is a disease that causes sleeplessness. It is a very common problem and has, difficulty to sleep as its basic symptom. Here are popular myths related to it.

Spending more time in bed can get you more sleepDoctors recommend that we should go to bed only when we are feeling sleepy or drowsy. Otherwise, though our body will be relaxed, we won’t sleep as the brain will keep on thinking about different things. It is also advised that if you try to sleep and you are not asleep in 20 minutes, you should get out of the bed and do some activity such as reading a book to relax the mind. Once you feel sleepy, you can go to bed.We should try harder to sleep while having sleep problemsTrying harder is not the right way. On the contrary, relaxing your mind and body is a better way to get a good sleep. Small relaxing activities such as getting a warm bath or eating a light snack or reading a book for a few minutes can help you relax your mind and body, so that you can descend into the bed peacefully. But, if you try to keep thinking and trying harder to sleep, you would not actually sleep.If I do not get an 8 hours of sleep, I would not do well during the dayMany people think that if they do not get their 7-8 hours of sleep at night, their day is going to be low and down. But in reality, your day depends more upon your mood and attitude rather than on the number of hours you had sleep last night. Though, it does not mean that you should not have sleep at all. It means that if you did not have a sound sleep last night because of the sleep problems, it will not hamper your performance during the day till you remember how to smile.We cannot predict how we are going to sleepThe human body is made of a resilient system. The system cannot stay off the track for a long period of time. If you are not able to have a sound sleep at night, it does mean that you have some sleep problems, but it does not matter that you cannot recover. The body system runs in a cycle and in this cycle comes the need to sleep and rest so that the body can work with rejuvenated zeal and exuberance. You do not have to predict the sleep. When the body will require sleep it will let you know by making you feel sleepy.A good night of sleep is always followed by a bad night of sleepIf you think and worry that you are going to have a bad night of sleep after a good night of sleep, of course, you will receive the same. In actuality, a good night of sleep proves that your body system is working and functioning properly. It helps your body to recover and secretes adequate hormones so that the body is back to normal. After the good night of sleep, you will feel better and more relaxed, because of which you will have a good night of sleep the next night as well.My mind keeps thinking about different stuffs, I do not have control over my rushing mindWhen we are not able to sleep, our mind keeps on thinking about different stuffs. When we realize about the different thoughts rushing into our mind, we try harder to sleep (this takes us to the Myth 2, which says that trying harder can get us sleep). Instead of trying to control the rushing thoughts running in the mind, try occupying it somewhere. Occupying the mind in small relaxing activities can be a good way to overcome this challenge. Activities such as a small walk, reading a book, warm bath or munching a little snack can all contribute towards occupying your mind and relaxing it.Sleeping pills can help you have a sound sleep even if you have sleep problemsWell, sleeping pills are scientifically designed to make you sleep, but they are not recommended when you have sleep problems. The sleeping pills can definitely give you short-term relief, but your body system will get addicted to it. In the long term when you will not have sleeping pills, you will not be able to sleep. Apart from this, taking these pills cause many side effects too. A discussion with your doctor can be a better option than taking sleeping pills.

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