Myths about heart failure

The condition when the heart is unable to pump enough blood to the body is known as heart failure. It is a progressive disorder. Despite the seriousness of the condition we witness a lot of myths that are far from facts. Here are the popular myths and the myth-busters about heart failure.

The heart stops beating during heart failureHeart failure refers to that condition wherein the muscles of the heart or heart valves get damaged. Due to the damage, the heart is unable to pump blood to the rest of the body efficiently, thus causing reduced supply of blood to the entire body. This may also give way to certain problems that work as signs of heart failure such as shortness of breath, swelling of the legs and fatigue. This myth is probably an outcome of ignorance or insufficient knowledge about the disease or a result of confusion between heart failure and other heart diseases including, heart attack or cardiac arrest.Heart failure is a rare diseaseThe fact is quite contrary to the myth. Heart failure is neither rare nor uncommon these days. As per statistics, around 14 million people in Europe are currently suffering from heart failure, whereas around 5 million suffer from the problem in the US each year. It has also been found that each year approximately 300,000 deaths occur in the United States due to complications of heart failure. These numbers are sufficient evidence to prove the myth false.People with heart failure should not exerciseThis is a myth that actually helps deteriorate the condition of a patient. A patient of heart failure should exercise and it is very important for his recovery and treatment. The right exercises would help you to develop a better blood flow as well as lessen the symptoms or problems related with the disease. However, it is important to know which exercises are beneficial for a patient of heart failure and how much exercise is suited for such patients. For that, you need to consult your physician or a medical expert who would guide you to the right type and extent of exercise. In fact, it is strictly advised not to try any exercise without consulting a medical expert. In case any or both of these are not followed, then exercise may cause more harm to a patient of heart failure than doing him good.Heart failure cannot be treatedThe popular belief is that heart failure is beyond treatment and heart failure means impending death. However, the fact is not at all similar to the myth. There are many treatment options available for heart failure cases. These treatments can help reduce the symptoms of the disease and at the same time delay or slow down the progress of the disease. Following the treatments available today, a patient of heart failure can not only increase his lifespan, but also enjoy an almost normal lifestyle. In fact, early diagnosis and treatment of heart failure can not only slow the progress, but also reverse the symptoms of the disease and, thus, improve the heart condition of the patient. Apart from that, research for new treatments is in progress and more treatment options may come up for heart failure patients.Heart failure occurs only to old peopleHeart failure can occur to any person, irrespective of whether the person is old or young. Many people think and believe that heart failure is associated with aging and it is a normal consequence of growing old. It is absolutely wrong. Even though most of the patients or sufferers of heart failure are older, but the problem is not directly connected with age. Heart failure is a very serious and complicated cardiovascular problem that can affect the young and old alike. It has been found that often young people are diagnosed with heart failure.Heart failure is dangerous and deadly diseaseUnfortunately, this myth is absolutely true. Heart failure is a very serious condition that can and does lead to death. The disease in question can actually decrease or shorten the life span of the sufferer. If left untreated or if proper medical treatment and necessary lifestyle changes are not made, death can result from heart failure. But with the help of effective treatment and a balanced lifestyle, the symptoms associated with the disease can be eased and the life span of the patient can be prolonged.There is no need of an expert team to treat heart failureA team approach is the best way to deal with the life threatening condition of heart failure. A patient of heart failure can manage the disease in a better manner under the guidance of a team of specialized doctors, nurses, dieticians and other medical experts working together. It has been found that consulting a team of medical experts for heart failure not only helps in faster improvement in the physical condition of the patient, but it also helps in lowering the cost of the treatment.Heart failure is difficult to diagnoseThis is another untrue myth. Heart failure is a very common diagnosis. In fact, it is the most common hospital discharge diagnosis for people who have crossed 65 years of age.Heart failure can occur suddenlyHeart failure is a serious medical condition but its occurrence is not sudden. Often people think that heart failure occurs almost instantly. It is a disease that persists lifelong but its symptoms can sometimes be visible more harshly. Occasionally, the condition of the illness can deteriorate which can, however, be prevented.

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