Must have foods to avoid fever in summer

The best way to fight fever in hot summers is drinking eight full glasses of water daily. However, some of the foods are the surest ways to help us combat fevers and summer borne diseases. Consumption fruits like bananas, water melons, squash or lemons are pure energy from natural sources.

You should always keep in mind the need to consume citrus fruits and food like low fat yogurt, cheese and lean meat such as chicken to fish like sepia and nuts.

Combat summer fever with cucumbers

Known to be one of the low calorie food items, it offers more nutrients than plain water or energy drinks. It’s a perfect ingredient for salads and light sandwiches along with feta cheese and low fat yogurt. Scientific research have propounded consuming cucumbers are effective to fight fever as they have vital nutrients like vitamin A, B1, B2, B3, B6, C and various minerals like molybdenum and silica. It helps to control blood pressure. It is a commonly grown vegetable and everyone can eat it from kids to old people. Due to their high water and potassium content, cucumbers have a mild diuretic property that leads to weight loss hence consumption by underweight individuals might be a little problematic.

Watermelons for heat busters and fighting fever

This fruit is an excellent anti-oxidant with vitamin A and lycopene present in it. Watermelons are rich in electrolytes. Scientific research says watermelons are extremely low calorie food with phyto-nutrients that promote good health. Anti-oxidants like beta-carotene, lutein, zeaxanthin, and cryptoxanthin are present in it. They are added in ice creams and fruit salads. Kids love to have watermelon jam and fruit cocktails. In a few Asian countries, the seeds are roasted and served. Drawback of it is that it contains seeds which tend to be pretty irritating while consuming.

Yogurt keeps fever in summers at bay

As per scientific study, yogurt contains live bacteria in millions that help our digestive mechanism. In India, yogurt is prepared with vegetables such as tomatoes, green vegetables like spinach and cabbage. A bowl of low fat yogurt with cucumbers, daily can detoxify the system and cool off the body temperature. The presence of lactic acid helps young children by providing calcium. It strengthens the immune system. The only drawback of purchased yogurt is that the flavored ones contain artificial sweetener that is unhealthy for diabetic individuals.

Kill fever in summer with zucchini

Among the summer squashes, zucchinis are the most famous. These have soft tender peel and edible seeds along with flesh and high fluid consistency. Studies have proved that they are extremely good for health due to the presence of folates and potassium. Golden skinned zucchinis have rich nutrients such as lutein and carotenes along with zeaxanthin that help preventing the body from aging and many other illnesses and fevers. The zucchini pods are yummy and one can fry or bake them and even steam them for delicacies. These are extremely nutritious but big sized zucchinis, that have rough texture or skin, must be avoided as they imply that they are old and not fresh.

Sweep off fevers in summer with shallots

Shallots or onions are one of the best ways to fight fever in summers. It not only adds taste to the food but also acts as one major actor with the highest concentration of anti-oxidants in them. Studies show that shallots are believed to contain anti-bacteria and are helpful for digestion with its anti-inflammatory aspect. They are also anti-allergic in nature. They can be taken in every meal possible as mostly all the Asians do. They can be incorporated in a variety of dishes such as salads, curry and gravy or sauce. They help to reduce the chances for cancer and other illnesses like heart diseases to diabetes.

Go for nuts

Nuts belong to the legume family and are considered as one of the major ways of source for protein. Manufactured peanut products are available as peanut butter, candies and energy bars. As per scientific research, nuts consist of folates that help in fertility. Nuts consist of manganese that helps to control blood sugar regulation. Nuts consist of vitamin B3 that boosts memory power and copper that helps lower cholesterol level. Nuts are garnished on cuisine and added as important ingredient to many dishes. They are specially effective for women who should eat more nuts to avoid heart diseases. Similarly, men should have it to curb sudden cardiac arrest.

Straw out fever in summer with strawberry

It provides with loads of nutrients that helps preventing aging and damage caused to cells and organs. Scientific research has proved that besides the red blush of strawberries, they offer powerful anti-oxidants that reduce heat and ill factors for heart diseases. Strawberries are filled with vitamin C, potassium and folate. Strawberries are widely available in the summer season. Studies have proven that more than thousand, old aged people are less likely fall prey to cancer when they consumed strawberries. However, there are some loopholes in this particular food item as strawberries are not meant for diabetic people for its high content of sugar and low content of vitamins.

Prevent fever in summer with asparagus

Asparagus detoxifies toxins from the body. Scientific study has shown that eating asparagus helps to detox for its potassium content that cleanses our digestive system. Appropriate for every one of all age groups, it is consumed for anti-aging purposes for the high folate and vitamin A content. Asparagus prevents osteoporosis and osteoarthritis. Pregnant women are prescribed to eat asparagus for they help in regulating embryonic formation along with fetal nerve cell construction. The only drawback is that it might lose its vitamins and rich nutrients if fried or over cooked, hence the best way to prepare asparagus is by steaming or roasting.


Tomatoes are not only great in taste but they are extremely healthy also. Tomatoes fight against all kinds of fever, sickness, dizziness in summer providing guard to other illnesses. Tomatoes are believed to be really good and effective in avoiding fever as it is filled with lycopene and major vitamins. Tomatoes help in protecting from cholesterol. Drinking 13 ounces of tomato juice regularly tends to control cholesterol. It helps in purifying the blood in the summer season hence curbing fever. Filled with vitamin K and they are natural antiseptic therefore protecting from infections. However, people with uric acid should not eat tomatoes as it increases the pain in the joints and enhances the uric acid level.

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