Monitoring Your Health and Health Tips Every Woman Should Know


Most women are usually not very keen on looking after their health.  This leads them on to health issues as they age. Both the sexes are equally in need of healthcare regimes. However, women are a little more ignorant of this fact. Below are mentioned a few health tips every woman should know and must be aware of.  Keep them in mind and utilize them to the fullest.

Health tips every woman should know:


Everything ranging from diet and exercise to personal hygiene has been covered in this article in the paragraphs below. They are important not just form a personal point of view, but will also extend to the ones around you.

It is great to be able to influence them in the right way, and you will if you follow a routine yourself. Read on to know more about it and benefit from it greatly.

Pay attention to your diet:

Low Carb Diets

Include proteins, fibers, and plenty of vitamins and minerals in your diet. Closely monitor your calorie and fat intake, since it may cause you to put on weight. However, don’t cut it down completely. Also, it is important to distribute your meals in the proper manner. Have a heavy breakfast, slightly heavy lunch, and extremely light dinner. Better still, opt for 4-6 smaller meals than 3 large ones.

Complete body checkup:

regular check up

Go for a full body checkup. After 30, once every year; and after 40, twice every year. In layman’s language, make sure your insides are all working fine. Get your breasts examined, and also check for cervical cancer. Keep an eye out for the subtle signs and symptoms which usually go unnoticed at the onset of the disease. Hygiene tips for women must also be equally cared for while getting your body fully checked.

Vaginal odour and menstrual care:

Menstrual cramps

The best of all the personal hygiene tips for women to address vaginal odour is to wash your area with lukewarm water. One of the best hygiene tips for women is to not use any external cleaning products – even soap, to avoid infection.

Slight odour or smell is completely normal.  But do visit a doctor if the odour is unbearable. It may be a case of bacterial vaginosis. Similarly, during menstruation, resort to lukewarm water to keep itching and other issues at bay.

Control smoking and drinking:


This goes without saying. You need to control your smoking and drinking habits in order to ensure that your lungs and liver are working to their optimum capacity. Having said that, other side effects like yellowing of teeth and bad mouth odour are all secondary.  These are all personal hygiene tips for women, but the bigger issue is posed by health problems.

Curb your smoking and drinking because they will pose health issues as you age. You might end up being vulnerable to other health-related problems. This is one of the few important health tips every woman should know in order to lead a healthy life.

Establish an exercise routine:

Exercise regularly

A brisk walk or jog for a couple of kilometers each day, stretching and skipping, or simple squats are a good way to make a start. These exercises will slowly but steadily increase your stamina and improve your metabolism, and even cause you to implement personal hygiene tips for women.

They are also a good way to implement hygiene tips for women since you will thoroughly cleanse yourself after each workout. The trick is to be consistent each day, without fail. Set daily, weekly and monthly goals, and raise the bar a little after you have achieved every milestone.

Wrapping it up:

The measures mentioned above are health tips every woman should know. But these tips are only the tip of the iceberg. There is a long way to go before a woman fully understands health and hygiene tips for women and starts working on them. It will take a while for the beneficial effects of your hard work to show up on your body. Until then, all you need to do is keep up the spirit and work on yourself.

These health tips not only ensure that your body remains physically beautiful but also keeps it fit and energetic for long. It will be a treat to watch your body perform well to the health tips. Then you will never have to worry about shedding those extra calories.

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