Massage therapy to relieve migraine headaches

Migraine headache

As per reports over 60% chronic headache cases are those of migraine. This disorder has the capability to debilitate an individual and give way to high stress levels causing sleep disorders and inability to lead a normal life. It is due to the sufferance that people wish to know ways to relieve this problem.

Massage plays an essential role when it comes to treating migraines and other headaches that are caused due to stress and tension. Massage treatments yield twin benefits. They maintain absolute relaxation and relieve the body from excess of stress. This approach significantly lowers the chances of migraine attacks by relaxing the trigger points and muscle spasms. This is called the proactive role. While in the comfort role, massage eases out the pressure that a headache brings forth. This massage places immense focus on the neck, shoulder and head that can cut down the pain and discomfort.

Benefits of massage on headaches

  • It greatly works on the occurrence of headaches along with linked symptoms like sleep disturbances and other symptoms of distress.
  • Allows a person to stay relaxed and derive ample relief from stress by reducing the occurrence of stress induced migraines.
  • Massage techniques can be performed by self or be even undertaken through professional masseurs. Any massage involving the migraine pressure points can deliver absolute relief.

What are Migraine Pressure Points?

This is a point in the human body which when pressed can actually lessen the pain throbbing in your head. The best part is that the migraine pressure point is not actually a point that pains. The point needs to be pressed in a rhythmic fashion with gentle massage motions to release energy and blood so as to ease out the pain.

Locating the Migraine Pressure Points

When working on pressure point it is important to be gentle as well as firm. Insufficient pressure will not create the desired results while too much of force can create tension in the muscles. To get started on the right track one should be absolutely relaxed.

1. Base of Skull

At the back of your head, locate the bony skull base. Place the pads of your thumb under the base of the skull. Keep the thumb around 1 inch away from the spine. With the thumb holding against the points, tilt the head a bit backwards. Press upwards slowly with a count to 10. Breath deeply when you do this when moving the massage movement in a circular motion. Count till ten and slowly give away the pressure. Repeat this step 5 times.

2. Mid-Forehead

There is a pressure point in the mid-forehead too that can relieve the pain caused due to migraine. Follow similar movements as described above. Press the two fingers inwards and hold for 10 minutes while breathing deeply. When reaching the deepest point, start massaging in circular motions with the same pressure. Release gradually by counting till ten. Repeat this massage move up to ten times.

3. Eye Corners

Locate the spots a little away from the eyes. Using the pressure point technique as directed in the first example, apply gentle pressure with a count of ten to directly feel the release in the tension. Breath deeply as you perform this massage. On reaching the deepest point, massage in circular motions with the same amount of pressure. Later slowly let go off the pressure counting till 10. Repeat this exercise up to ten times.

4. Hand

Now this may come to you as a surprise but there is a pressure point on our hands too that can alleviate the migraine pain. The fleshy segment between our thumb and the index finger of our left hand has the point. Squeeze the upper portion while breathing deeply and counting up to ten when you go deep enough to start massaging while holding on to the pressure. Once there is a change in the point, gradually begin to release the pressure with a count of ten. Repeat this move up to ten times.

5. Foot

Even your foot has a migraine pressure point which is located on top of it. The segment where the bones and toe meet is the actual zone. Press down on this spot with the finger pads and thumb. Once there is a change in the point, continue and then slowly release the pressure. Repeat this move up to ten times.

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