DIY Steps to use foam roller: Roll away your aches

Roll away your aches

As you start growing older, you start losing your elasticity of joints and connective tissue. Because of which you start feeling pain even while performing easy tasks like walking up the stairs. According to the research made, a massage is effective to minimize the stiffness and soreness by more than 48%. Cheaper than this, other than massage you can eliminate the aches with the help of foam roller. The aim of using such roller is to soften the muscle tissue and keep it pliable and elastic. The technique of foam roller is one great way to relax your body from unbearable pain and aches. The roller is firm foam log six inches in diameter. You can use the roller against the muscle knots with the help of your body weight for applying direct pressure.

Advantages of Foam Roller

  1. This exercise is a good alternative for repetitive visits to the massage therapist.
  2. Another advantage of this exercise is that it is an effective way of treating and preventing the common injuries that too at inexpensive price. Such kit is available in the market or you can even buy it online.
  3. The benefit of foam roller is not limited to one thing. It has many benefits and is more known because of its versatility.
  4. You can use this foam roller for improving your stability and performing core exercise. Foam roller is useful for balancing different positions of the exercise.
  5. The best part of using it is that that the exercise toll is extremely versatile.
  6. Once you use it for rough Pilate workout, you can later use it for relaxing the muscle ache problem. This toll is extremely light in weight and you can get the one depending on the size.
  7. You can easily carry foam roller around with you without any difficulties.

Starting with the exercise

You have to be bit careful while starting with exercise tools as to start with such exercise can be difficult. Hence, before starting with the exercise roll back and forth for 30 seconds for a minute. If you will be using, tennis ball exercise, look for the pressure points and keep more weight in the ball for one minute or so. If you have not done this earlier then this process can be bit painful for you. You need to ease into it and try to get comfortable with it more. By performing sessions on regular basis, you will definitely get relief from pain.

  1. Make sure that you spend some time over the knot or trigger point itself.
  2. Avoid rolling over bony areas.

  3. Roll the injured area two to three times a day. For preventing form injuries, you are advised to do it two to three times a week is recommended.
  4. Roll back and forth across the painful or stiff area for 60 seconds.
  5. Always stretch the area following foam rolling.

DIY steps to use foam roller

1. IT band

You have to rest on your side and place the tennis ball in a sensitive spot in the outside of leg near joints of the hip. Once the required time is over, you have to move the ball farther down your leg. Then change the leg and repeat the same position with other leg.

2. Quads

In this position, your both legs should be kept across so that most of the weight will be on your one leg. Once the rolling on one leg is over you have to change to other one. If you find it too painful, then roll both the legs simultaneously.

3. Middle back roll

Get off the roller and roll down to one side. Then place the roller in the position of horizontal side. Lie in your back with roller under the blades of shoulder. Put your hands behind your head for better support in your neck and keep the head on upward side from the floor. Slowly roll the roller backward and forward along with your mid back area. If you reach the level on patience then hold the position by putting all your weight into the roller. Repeat the same step by holding till you think that pain has become less by at least 75 percent.

4. Hamstrings

In this exercise you have to cross your legs and after rolling on one leg you have to do the same step with other leg. At this time the roller must be below your hips.

5. Calves

In this exercise you have to cross your legs and after rolling on one leg, you have to repeat the same step with other leg. At this time, the roller must be blowing your knee.

6. Side of shins

In this exercise, you have to roll in alternate way, by getting the knees closer to the chest, extend the legs. Repeat the same step on the other side of your knee.

7. Adductor

In this exercise, you have to lie completely flat and place the roll under your thigh. For rolling back and front, you have to lift yourself with arms a little bit.

With the help of foam roller exercise, you can surely improve your appearance and can get a relief from muscle ache or some other pain. In case if you have to perform it for the first time, then you are advised to do it under the supervision of a trainer or an expert.

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